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Apply for Train Attendant job at Bombardier today Train Attendant job at Bombardier
location on map is approximate

Train Attendant

Escondido, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

Train Attendant-TAME - USSD01431110
•In your role as a Train Attendant you will:Be responsible for the safe movement of trains by adhering to applicable operating rules/practices for the Sprinter operation by following Bombardier’s service standards. Ensure all revenue documents are collected/verified in accordance with designated tariffs and the safety of passengers/crew by adhering to safety rules. Thinks and functions independently utilizing clear and effective verbal communication skills to interact with passengers crew members and others jointly responsible for safe and efficient train movements and customer service. Ensure pre-determined service requests are understood and carried out. Maintain understanding of operating characteristics and practices including safety rules equipment trouble-shooting practices and emergency procedures. Physically move between and around equipment manipulating and lifting appurtenances. Responsible for submission of various reports to record movement delays unusual occurrences passenger inconveniences and mechanical defects. Assist in boarding and detraining of passengers.Primary Activities and Responsibilities
· Work in conjunction with the Operator to ensure compliance with all train orders bulletins railroad operating rules and regulations for safety operations and compliance with all FRA and CPUC rules and regulations including job briefings prior to equipment moves.
· Review instructions from dispatchers and discuss with the Operator and other members of the Train Crew.
· Receive and transmit information by radio and telephone including the reporting of unusual conditions or occurrences to the Operations Control Center. This includes mechanical issues security items passenger medical emergencies or other emergency situations.
· Assist the Operator to couple and uncouple cars operate switches and make minor repairs to the railcar(s).
· Work with customers and supervisors to ensure accurate movement and placement of cars.
· Maintain awareness of surrounding area and suspicious activity to ensure rail safety.
· Comprehend color and/or hand signals and systems.
· Quickly respond (with the hand finger or foot) to visual symbols signals and displays (sound light picture etc.).- Ensure all passengers are safely on the train or platform prior to the train proceeding.- In the event passengers must be evacuated from the train the Train Attendant will ensure the passengers are kept informed of the circumstances and direction for evacuation. The Train Attendance will confer with the Operator or other Train Crew members once it has been determined it is safe to de-board the train. The Train Attendant will confirm passengers are safely de-boarded and moved to a place of safety.- The Train Attendant will verify all passengers have a valid ticket for travel while riding the system in accordance with NCTD requirements including the payment of fares and the issuance of warnings and citations to violators.- Educates passengers about the fare media and assists passengers with ticket vending machines when needed.- Assist the Operator and other Train Crew members at the end of reach run including the proper securement of the train (e.g. all passengers have exited the train doors are closed and the Train Crew completes the pre-trip/post-trip tasks).- Sweep the train for trash spills graffiti etc.- Other duties as assigned.TrainingTraining will be provided upon hire.
•Minimum Qualifications
· High School diploma/GED
· 18 years of age or older
· Valid Drivers License
· Two years verifiable work experience and/or college
· No driving violations involving alcohol or drugs within the past three yearsPreferred Qualifications- Outside work experience- Current 49 CFR 242 certification- First Aid or CPR certification- Experience working on an on-call basis- Experience working varying shift schedules- Experience operating heavy equipment
· Mechanical experiencePhysical Requirements
· Medium to heavy work lifting up to 50 pounds occasionally.
· Reach/handle/finger/feel
· Stoop/bend/kneel/crouch/crawl/balance/climb
· Work in cramped confined enclosed or awkward places. Walk long distances over uneven terrain.
· Demonstrate auditory and visual acuity/tracking/inspection.
· Must meet color vision and hearing requirements as described in the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Regulations.Basic Competencies
· Verbal comprehension (Understand oral and written communications--both general and technical)
· Communication skills (provide clear instructions/directions listening)
· Reasoning skills (problem solving and troubleshooting skills)- Ability to learn and provide train schedules and fare information to the public.Employment Conditions
· Work safely to prevent on the job accidents and injuries to both employees passengers and the general public.
· Wear protective equipment including hearing protection safety-toe boots or safety glasses.- Must be able to work rotating shifts weekdays weekends and holidays.
· Complete annual training and pass safety operating rules examination.
· Federal regulations require random testing for drugs and/or alcohol.
· Must pass all required assessments.
· Must pass a background screening.
· May require a post-offer medical examination including drug screening.
• Train Operations & Maintenance
• US-CA-Escondido
• Transportation
• Full-time
•Employee Status:
• Regular
•Job Posting:
• 06.09.2017 9:22:44 PMUnposting Date21.09.2017 6:59:00 AM
Train Attendant job at Bombardier
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Train Attendant job at Bombardier

Train Attendant job at Bombardier

Train Attendant job at Bombardier

Train Attendant job at Bombardier

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