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Apply for Flight Following Operator job at Bristow Group today Flight Following Operator job at Bristow Group
location on map is approximate

Flight Following Operator

Bristow Group
New Iberia, LA
United States

Hourly: USD

### This position is for a Radio Operator with flexible working hours to fill a 7 and 7 position
Operates communication and tracking systems to provide flight following services in accordance with company policy and FCC regulations.
+ First point of contact for any calls that come into the facility during the overnight hours.
+ Operates radio and computer to provide flight following services.
+ Maintain accurate log of all information pertaining to flights and aircraft contact.
+ Operates messaging and satellite tracking of aircraft via computer.
+ Maintains accurate fuel information and informs pilot of fuel status at offshore locations.
+ Utilizes telephone and satellite tracking as back up for radio communications.
+ Maintains complete familiarity with the company search and rescue plan.
+ Handles all emergency issues in accordance with Bristow Flight Following and Emergency Response procedures.
+ Begins radio and telephone search for overdue aircraft and proper responsive action to “May-Day” calls as per Emergency Procedures Plan.
+ Notifies Flight Following Supervisor or Operations personnel of flight delays or mechanical difficulties relayed by pilots.
+ Maintains accurate records of weather conditions as reported by pilots and disseminates the reports to other pilots and base managers.
+ Notifies pilots of any operational restrictions that may arise during flight.
+ Serves as a customer service representative and coordinates with customers and company representatives as necessary for all daily requirements.
+ Relays messages between company aircraft and customer’s representative.
+ Maintains a positive working relationship with Pilots Operations Scheduling and Customer Contacts.
+ Reports any radio and/or satellite failures to the Flight Following Shift Lead or Supervisor.
+ Performs data entry of flight sheets.
+ Separating and filing of flight sheets.
+ This position is deemed essential which requires all scheduled personnel must be in attendance durring events of impending or post disaster recovery. Due to these events off site operations may be required for operational continunity. Must be able to accept and maintain flight status information per FAA regulations regarding Part 135 and Part 91 rotorcraft operation.
+ Performs all other duties as assigned by the Flight Following Lead or Flight Following Supervisor.
Key Competencies:
+ Ability to interface well with internal and external clients and the public. Must represent the department and the company in a highly professional manner.
+ Ability to work collaboratively within a team; ability and willingness to adapt to changing business demands.
+ Remains calm and focused throughout hectic work periods.
+ Ability to interface well with all departments clients and the public.
+ Effective interpersonal communication skills both written and verbal.      
+ High ethical values and the courage to use them under pressure.
+ High School diploma or equivalent required.
+ 2 to 4 years of related work experience.
+ Position requires a knowledge and understanding of the business and excellent command of the English language.
+ Proficient computer skills and working knowledge of relevant software such as MS Office Suite including Word Excel Outlook and SharePoint.
# Bristow Group
With its headquarters in Houston Texas Bristow Group is the leading provider of helicopter services to the worldwide offshore energy industry based on the number of aircraft operated and one of two helicopter service providers to the offshore energy industry with global operations. With recent acquisitions of premium regional air carriers Bristow provides point-to-point scheduled and charter transportation services combining fixed-wing with rotary-wing services to clients around the world. Bristow has proudly served the offshore oil transport industry in major exploration and production arenas for 60 years and has been responsible for many industry-leading technological innovations.
## Equal Employment Opportunity
Bristow Group will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race sex color religion gender sexual orientation gender identity or expression national origin age genetic information disability veteran status or any other characteristic.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Requisition ID: R-0000739Avjobs.com
Flight Following Operator job at Bristow Group
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Flight Following Operator job at Bristow Group

Flight Following Operator job at Bristow Group

Flight Following Operator job at Bristow Group

Flight Following Operator job at Bristow Group

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