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Apply for Electro Mechanil Technician job at California State University  today Electro Mechanil Technician job at California State University
location on map is approximate

Electro Mechanil Technician

California State University Chico
Chico, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

## Salary Range (From $ to $)
$3748 - $6204 per month (New employees should anticipate being hired at the beginning of the salary range).
## Primary Duties
Working under general supervision the Equipment Technician II for the College of Engineering Computer Science and Construction Management provides technical support for unique instructional equipment used in the College. An Equipment Technician II designated by major equipment specialty performs skilled repair maintenance and design or modification of equipment. Incumbents of positions in this class perform skilled repair and maintenance of common and specialized equipment including major overhaul and design fabrication and construction of complex or prototype equipment and assignments may include other duties related to instructional support. Incumbents provide information about availability of components and provide technical detailing for design plans and specifications; frequently have ongoing responsibility to keep assigned equipment operable; order or maintain parts and supplies; and may provide equipment support for a discipline or similar unit with consistency in kinds of equipment. Troubleshooting involves developing analytical processes or knowing why equipment works as well as how it works. Emphasis is upon the design fabrication and construction of unique equipment teaching aids and technical apparatus for use in the laboratory or classroom related to instructional support.
## Knowledge Skills and Abilities
Must possess:
Thorough knowledge of methods materials tools and equipment used in construction installation maintenance repair and operation of mechanical electromechanical or electronic equipment typically found in an instructional engineering or scientific setting.
Working knowledge of design and drafting procedures.
General knowledge of the repair and maintenance of tools and shop equipment.
Solder and de-solder electronic components including surface-mount devices.
Dexterity with hand tools both powered and unpowered.
Operate a motor vehicle.
Must be able to:
Perform complex troubleshooting on a wide variety of equipment related to the area of job assignment.
Design fabricate modify and repair technical equipment of the specialty assignment following original or suggested plans.
Analyze equipment problems and determine what repairs are needed.
Install place and maintain a wide variety of equipment related to the area of job assignment.
Read and write at a level appropriate to the duties of the position.
Make arithmetic computations where required.
## Required Education and/or Experience
Equivalent to two years of journey-level skilled experience in the maintenance repair and operation of scientific or technical equipment in the specialty area to which assigned such as mechanical electromechanical electronics or in the specialized category including construction and fabrication and some precision work or requiring trade or craft skills working with a variety of unique materials.
Equivalent to two years of semi-skilled experience maintaining and repairing scientific or technical equipment or related experience in the type of equipment to which assigned as part of instructional support activities may be substituted for one year of the required experience.
Equivalent to two years of trade school or technical arts training with specialization in the type of equipment repair to which assigned completion of an apprenticeship program or completion of a full military specialization in the required type of equipment maintenance and repair for one year of the required experience.
## Additional Requirements for this Position
Candidates selected for an interview will be asked to demonstrate their skills with a written exam and a laboratory/shop practical skills exercise.
## Recruitment Preferences
Preference may be given to applicants with the following as they may be considered specialized skills:
Familiarity with basic electrical and mechanical principles and formulas such as Ohm’s Law torque and power calculations and temperature conversions.
Experience and/or training with PLCs or other automated control systems.
Experience and/or training in specialized electrical/electronic systems such as avionics or communications.
Experience and/or training using CAD to design and/or fabricate jigs fixtures and test equipment.
Experience and/or training in pneumatic and/or hydraulic actuation systems.
## Special Requirements
A background check (including a criminal records check) must be completed satisfactorily before any candidate can be offered a position with the CSU. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the application status of applicants or continued employment of current CSU employees who apply for the position. This considered a sensitive position. Current CSU Chico employees are subject to a background check (including a criminal record check) if voluntarily moving into a sensitive position regardless of any background checks previously conducted.
Throughout employment in this position incumbent must maintain a valid California Driver’s License as well as continued completion and compliance of the CSU Defensive Driver’s Training course.
The selected candidate must pass a post-offer pre-employment physical examination.
The technician may be required to stand for periods as long as one hour while working on equipment. The technician must have corrected vision such that it is possible to read dials gauges meters and the documentation required to complete assigned tasks and dexterity with hand tools to operate both powered and unpowered equipment.
This position typically involves working indoors in environmentally-controlled areas. The technicians are occasionally exposed to dust and non-hazardous chemical fumes and elevated noise; dust masks safety glasses and hearing protection are provided.
## Benefit Information
CSU Chico offers a number of benefits to its employees (e.g. sick leave vacation health insurance). Eligibility for standard CSU benefits is based on an appointment of half-time or more for a period exceeding six months. Employees appointed less than half-time or less than six months are not eligible for standard CSU benefits but do receive prorated sick leave and vacation.
Eligibility for Affordable Care Act (ACA) benefits is based on an appointment of at least three-quarter time hired to work a minimum of 130 hours per month over the course of the appointment or works an average of 130 hours or more per month during the measurement period. The ACA guidelines provide for health coverage or FlexCash only. ACA does not provide dental or vision plan coverage.
## About the University and Community
Detailed information is available at http://www.csuchico.edu/pa/chico-facts.shtml. As a university that educates students of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds we value a diverse faculty and staff. CSU Chico welcomes applicants who are knowledgeable about and interested in working within a cross-cultural learning environment. We also welcome those who share a passion and commitment to the University’s 6th Strategic Priority that focuses on sustainability stewardship and the environment – see http://www.csuchico.edu/sustainability/index.shtml.
California State University Chico is committed to achieving excellence through diversity in the classroom and the workplace. It strives to establish a climate that welcomes celebrates and promotes respect for the contributions of all students faculty and staff.
The university is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race religion color ancestry age disability genetic information gender gender identity gender expression marital status medical condition National origin sex sexual orientation covered veteran status or any other protected status.
Recruitment Number: VA887
Posting Period: 10/12/17 – 10/26/17
On Campus Only Promotional Opportunity: No
Working Title: ELECTRO-MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN (Equipment Technician II Electro-Mechanical)
Level/Range/Grade: 1
Department: Engineering Comp Sci and Cnst Mg
Number of Positions: 1
FLSA Code: Non-Exempt
Status: Regular: Permanent (after one-year probationary period)
Full-time/part-time (if part-time indicate time base): Full-time
Pay Plan: 12/12 month
CBU/MOU: R09 - CSUEU Technical and Support Services
Quick Link: http://jobs.csuchico.edu/postings/4617
Hours Per Day: 8 hours during the school year/10 hours during the summer
Days Per Week: 5 days during the school year/4 days during the summer
Shift: Day
Benefits: This position qualifies for benefits including tuition fee waiver (if eligible).
Open Date (posting open date): 10/12/2017
Close Date (posting close date): 10/26/2017
Open Until Filled: NoAvjobs.com

Electro Mechanil Technician job at California State University
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Electro Mechanil Technician job at California State University

Electro Mechanil Technician job at California State University

Electro Mechanil Technician job at California State University

Electro Mechanil Technician job at California State University

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