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Apply for Flight Crewmember job at Corporate Eagle today Flight Crewmember job at Corporate Eagle
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Flight Crewmember

Corporate Eagle
Waterford, MI
United States

Salary Annual: USD
From: $44,400.00 To: $158,700.00
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Position Title: Flight Crewmember

Company Name: Corporate Eagle Management Services, Inc.

Job Function: Pilot, Fixed Wing - Permanent

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Duration: Indefinite

Location(s): Waterford, Michigan, 48327, United States

No of Openings: Three (3)

Compensation: $44,400 - $88,700 (First Officer) / $75,200 - $158,700 (Captain)

Employment Start Date: July - August 2017

Contact Person: Christopher A. Weedon

Email Address:

Phone: 248-461-9034

Fax: 248-461-9009

Job Description

Our business is growing rapidly. We will be soon adding more aircraft to our fleet and are now seeking additional individuals to join our team of professional pilots for flight duty in unscheduled FARs 91K and 135 operations. Our fleet currently consists of 14 aircraft (King Air BE20, Hawker HS125, Falcon DA2000/EX) with operations based at Oakland County International Airport (KPTK).

Responsibilities will include flight and ground duty as required flight crewmember (Second-In-Command) in domestic and international operations. Essential attributes candidate(s) must possess include the ability to provide exceptional personal concierge services to our private Members, maintain a high level of technical competence and professionalism, and perform nominal office duties as required/directed.

Advancement to Captain occurs based on a scheduled pilot performance-based progression plan. All flight crewmembers are cross-qualified in two of the three types of aircraft we operate. Initial equipment training may be in any of the three aircraft types operated (dependent on immediate need), with training in a second type to follow six months later.

NOTE: All pilots are full-time, direct employees of the company, and must reside within a one-hour drive-time radius of KPTK Airport.

Job Requirements


Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Operate in accordance with domestic and international regulations, FAA approved company procedures, industry best practices, and the highest level of aviation safety standards.
  • Coordinate Corporate Eagle team activities and efforts, preflight to post-flight, to ensure unity in thought and action. Establish and exercise task Responsibility and accountability so that decisions and responsibilities can be identified and acted upon with consistency and expediency.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Working knowledge of the appropriate sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations, Airman’s Information Manual, Aircraft Manufactures Manuals,
  • Maintain competency required for scheduled flight, simulator and ground training scheduled and performed throughout the year.
  • Maintain Airline Transport Pilot proficiency standards and continually strive to improve aviation skills and knowledge.
  • Continually evaluate and improve flight and ground performance.
  • Openly discuss and improve weak areas found during revenue trips or during required company line checks.
  • Pass a First Class medical examination every six (6) months.
  • Maintain basic computer knowledge and proficiency.
  • Maintain Flight Instructor Certificate(s) and ratings.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • The professional management of the flight deck to include the coordination between flight crewmembers.
  • Representation of Corporate Eagle while on the job to the extent required to properly deliver safety, convenience and comfort to our Members.

Success Factors

  • Ability to promote and implement action plans.
  • Display of an enthusiastic spirit.
  • Mentoring and inspiration of subordinates.
  • Promoting the essence of teamwork by example.
  • Personal and company success oriented attitude.
  • Personal commitment and self-motivation.
  • Demonstrating an engaged attitude.


Minimum Qualifications


  • College Graduate
    • Associate Degree

Pilot Certificate and Ratings:

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
    • Instrument Rating
    • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Flight Instructor
    • Single Engine (airplane)
    • Instrument (airplane)
    • FAA Second Class Medical Certificate (with ability to obtain First Class)

Flight Experience:

  • Total Time
    • 500 – 1000 hours


  • U.S. Passport
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit

Preferred Qualifications


  • College Graduate
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Aviation/Aeronautics related Major

Pilot Certificates and Ratings:

  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (or ATP written test and ability to immediately take Practical Test for ATP Certificate)
  • Flight Instructor
  • Single Engine (airplane)
  • Instrument (airplane)
  • Multi-Engine (airplane)
  • FAA First Class Medical Certificate (with ability to maintain)

Flight Experience:

  • Total Time
    • 1000 – 1200 hours
  • Dual Given
    • 250 – 500 hours
    • Primary & Advanced
    • 25 – 50 hours Multi-Engine


  • Passport
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit


Please forward/email your resume and contact information to:

Christopher A. Weedon
Vice President, Director of Operations
6320 Highland Road
Waterford, MI 48327
Direct Line: 248.461.9034
Fax: 248.461.9009


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Flight Crewmember job at Corporate Eagle
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Flight Crewmember job at Corporate Eagle

Flight Crewmember job at Corporate Eagle

Flight Crewmember job at Corporate Eagle

Flight Crewmember job at Corporate Eagle

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