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Apply for Chapter Manager job at EAA today Chapter Manager job at EAA
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Chapter Manager

Oshkosh, WI
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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The Manager, Chapters will work to advance aviation and EAA by developing and supporting the EAA Chapter network. The position has responsibility for maximizing the value of EAA’s Chapter resources by ensuring proactive and progressive strategies, systems, programs, and policies are in place that aligns with the organization’s priorities, mission, culture and structure. Key focus will be building organizational capabilities and programs that focus on outcomes that benefit our membership.

The main outcome for Chapters is to support them to execute EAA programs while creating a fun and interesting local focal point for aviators. The Manager, Chapters will accomplish this by providing tools and guidance to create interesting Chapter meetings, websites, and newsletters and encouraging recruitment and expansion.


1. Develop and execute EAA’s overall strategic direction for Chapters:

· Engage and understand Chapters through communications and visits.

· Develop metrics to measure the success of Chapters and drive strategy.

· Develop and implement strategies to reinvigorate Chapter participation.

· Oversee current Chapter Leadership Workshops.

· Assist Chapters in the Chapter renewal process.

· Manage Chapter related activities at AirVenture Oshkosh.

· Act as a spokesperson for the EAA and travel to engage Chapters at local and regional meetings.

· Develop engaging content for Chaptergram, Chapter Video Magazine, and Chapter Chat.

· Support EAA’s Weekend Work Parties and encourage Chapter participation.

2. Oversee current state and future development of Chapter programming

3. Assist in setting department objectives and monitoring performance to planned outcomes including operating budgets.

4. Embraces and supports the EAA mission and performs safe practices in the workplace and aviation environment.

5. All other duties as assigned


· Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.

· High degree of enthusiasm, energy level, and passion for engaging people in aviation.

· Good written and verbal communication skills.

· A minimum of three years of project or program management experience, and demonstrated ability to improve results.

· Computer skills to include proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Experience with internet technology and tools.

· Familiarity with web site infrastructure.

· EAA Chapter Member


· Experience as an EAA Chapter Leader

· Pilot License


· Attention to Details: Completes and maintains high level of accuracy of even the smallest aspects of assigned tasks; tolerates significant amounts of detailed work; consistently reviews work to detect errors; quickly and accurately identifies differences when comparing letters, objects, numbers, symbols and/or patterns.

· Build Realistic Plans: Proactively develops goals and objectives to support the organization's strategic vision; identifies specific action steps, accountabilities, and timeliness for completion; prepares realistic estimates of resource requirements; balances planning with day-to-day demands; coordinates planning across functions and businesses; standardizes work process to facilitate planning efforts; plans for contingencies.

· Create Member Loyalty: Understands the member’s requirements and expectations; delivers on commitments to members; provides value and ensures exceptional member experiences; seeks feedback from members; effectively recovers from mistakes; removes barriers to customer service; builds a member-focused team.

· Establish and Build Relationships: Relates to others in an open, friendly, accepting and respectful manner; viewed as approachable and shows interest in others; develops and maintains high-quality relationships with manager, peers, and direct reports; demonstrates style flexibility when relating to a variety of people and situations; uses formal and informal networks to get things done; identifies and cultivates relationships with key colleagues and stakeholders in other parts of the organization; builds and maintains appropriate contacts and networks with people in the industry or profession.

· Foster Open Communication: Establishes communication vehicles, structures, and processes; interacts with people openly and directly; proactively shares timely information and seeks honest viewpoints creating an environment where people share their ideas and opinions, even when they disagree.

· Promote Collaboration and Teamwork: Builds a team environment based on shared values; knows when and how to use a team approach for solving problems; effectively facilitates the group process; values the contributions of all team members; fosters give-and-take relationships; works to remove barriers to collaboration; shares credit with others; and celebrates accomplishments.

· Write Effectively: Develops a professional, clear style; uses correct grammar; productively edits one’s own work and that of others; adapts the level of content to the readers; overcomes procrastination; and chooses the correct format for the message.

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Chapter Manager job at EAA
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Chapter Manager job at EAA

Chapter Manager job at EAA

Chapter Manager job at EAA

Chapter Manager job at EAA

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