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Fairbanks, Alaska
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Directly responsible for ensuring all aspects of departmental training are in compliance with 14 CFR Part 121. Will possess a strong educational background with emphasis in aerospace training and extensive experience in managing training and development programs. Will have thorough knowledge of all FAA training related regulations and industry standards in order to procure, design and administer EAC’s required training programs.

Essential Functions:
1. Has the responsibility for the quality of and has the authority to establish and modify policies, procedures, instructions and information for the Everts Air Cargo Maintenance and Inspection Training Programs (excluding Required Inspection Item (RII) training) and the EAC Maintenance and Inspection training manual.
2. Assures companywide compliance with FAA & DOT training requirements for hazardous materials.
3. Conduct and assure compliance with OSHA required training related to industrial safety and lift equipment.
4. Monitor and conduct maintenance training classes to assure FAA & DOD compliance with engine run and taxi (classroom), inspector, RII, Security, airworthiness release and RVSM.
5. Monitor and conduct training related to requirements stated in the EAC Maintenance and Inspection Training Manual. This includes initial and recurrent training in these areas:
a. Aircraft deice/anti-ice
b. Oxygen Service
c. Ground heaters
d. Inspector & RII
e. Engine Run-up & Taxi
f. Airworthiness Release
g. RVSM maintenance and awareness
h. Aircraft towing
i. Aircraft marshalling
6. Issues a monthly report of certifications to all departments at EAC, EAA and EAF. The report shows current qualified employees and recurrent training due dates.
7. Participates in annual maintenance training at faasafety.gov.
8. Maintain a list of ASAP passwords and logins for maintenance personnel. Facilitate ASAP filings as needed.
9. Attend CAS meetings and incorporates indentified discrepancies into maintenance training sessions and modules.
10. Provides oversight of the aircraft deice program outstations.
11. Arranges for the delivery of outsourced maintenance training.
12. Assists the Director of Maintenance to establish and modify Maintenance Department training policies, procedures, instructions and information as necessary to ensure FAA compliance.
13. Assists the Chief Inspector to establish, manage and modify Inspection Department training policies, procedures, instructions and information as necessary to ensure FAA compliance.
14. Procure, design and administer training programs for mechanics, inspectors and other maintenance and inspection personnel in accordance with all applicable FAR’s, FAA and industry standards to ensure safety and proficiency.
15. Maintain up to date changes of policies, procedures, instructions and information as necessary into the training programs according to company manuals and FAA compliance.
16. Incorporate all changes in maintenance and inspection policies and procedures into the training program as necessary to ensure FAA compliance.
17. Maintains training records for all maintenance, inspection, cargo, GSE and outstation personnel.
18. Research and develop training curriculum and provide instruction as needed.
19. Assures the accuracy of the training database (ABRA) maintained by the maintenance training department. The database records classroom training for maintenance, inspection, cargo, ground support, administrative, parts and outstation personnel.
20. Incorporate additions or modifications to training modules in response to any identified discrepancies generated by CAS, IEP, FAA, DOD, etc.
21. Act as a liaison with outside agencies for the planning, scheduling and organization of training events.
22. Plan, schedule and organize training events including the coordination of instructors, facilities, materials and information. Coordinate and communicate training event requirements with appropriate managers.
23. Conduct and participate in audits as required by company policies and procedures.
24. Audits on an annual basis the Human Resources Department’s verification of Maintenance Certificate Requirements for all certified Maintenance/Inspection Department Personnel.
25. Plan, direct, supervise, and coordinate work activities of the Maintenance Training Specialist.
26. Assist in operations training as needed.
27. Conducts security training as needed.
28. All other duties and tasks as assigned.

1. The Maintenance Training Manager should hold a current and valid Airman Certificate with Airframe and Power plant rating.
2. And shall have a background in FAR Part 121 or 135 aircraft maintenance and inspection, with an understanding of aviation safety and safe operations practice.
3. He/she will be familiar with the Everts Air Cargo maintenance policies and procedures and applicable Federal Regulations.
4. Strong Educational background and experience in managing and developing programs and providing instruction.
5. Experience with computer skills including: MS Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
6. Organizational and record keeping with an attention to detail.
7. Effective communication skills.

1. Valid Driver’s license
2. Airframe and/or Power Plant License

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

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Everts Air Cargo was formed in 1995 as a 121 Certificated Cargo Airline. Everts Air Cargo is headquartered in Fairbanks where it serves as the primary base for maintenance, administration and charter operations. Everts provides scheduled freight service to 12 major hubs in Alaska. Everts expanded operations to the Lower 48 and now has five MD-80 jets and flies throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

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