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Laredo, Texas
Annual Salary $78,000.00
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Job Summary:
Act as the primary maintenance representative for assigned aircraft while in the air and on the ground. Oversee and perform all daily aircraft maintenance responsibilities as directed; receive incoming aircraft; screen Flight Logs for entries and implement corrective actions as required. Review and report items under Mechanical Reliability Report procedures. Review DMI log and affect corrective action on all discrepancies as required by FAR’s, and as parts and time permit. Serve as an SME as requested, for the purposes of troubleshooting, staff training and maintenance control support.

Essential Functions:
1. Ensure the continued airworthiness of company aircraft at all times in accordance with the FAR’s and provisions of company maintenance manuals. Identify and examine any condition affecting airworthiness. Report the situation to Flight Mechanic Supervisor, and Flight Following/Maintenance Control; and correct it prior to next flight. Coordinate with L48 Maintenance Supervisor, Assistant Director of Maintenance, and Flight Following/Maintenance Control as necessary. Protect the best interest of the company and its property at all times.
2. Perform and monitor all maintenance, and inspection activities performed on company aircraft. Ensure proper references, maintenance manuals, forms and records are in use, in accordance with all FAR’s and processed appropriately. Supervise and direct non-certified mechanics.
3. Ensure all precision tools, measuring devices and test equipment used have been calibrated and do not exceed calibration due time. Proactively calibrate and service all tools.
4. Assemble all forms, records and parts tags used in conjunction with the operation, including records of discrepancies found with corrective action taken, and ensure these reach the maintenance records department expeditiously. Scan and email log sheets, M-3s, and yellow tags per GMM Log Book Reporting Procedures. Ensure repairable parts are accurate and tagged as required. Submit log sheets and parts tags to Records Department via U.S. Mail or Fed Ex, at a minimum of once a week. Used, unserviceable parts are to be sent back to the Parts Department as soon as possible.
5. Assume responsibility for all work accomplished as indicated by signature on maintenance forms. Ensure all forms, work-scope and other maintenance documentation is properly annotated, signed-off and expeditiously forwarded to Records.
6. Monitor and assist contract agencies performing maintenance and inspection work, and/or corrective actions to be taken. Ensure quality work product, efficient and effective daily performance, and adherence to acceptable procedures. Ensure compliance with contract requirements. Assist, as required, to determine proper course of action and any corrective actions.
7. Perform material receiving function on parts, materials and equipment at locations where Quality Control personnel are not assigned.
8. Maintain a close control on all operations being performed. Prevent excessive costs and unnecessary duplication of labor. Check parts, hardware, supplies and materials being installed to be sure they are serviceable and acceptable within the meanings of FAR’s and company manuals. Ensure all parts and materials are stored in an approved manner. Ensure fly away kit is stocked and replenished when required.
9. Review the flight log immediately on arrival at destination; if any discrepancies are found, inform the Director and Assistant Director of Maintenance, Flight Mechanic Supervisor, Lower 48 Maintenance Manager, and Chief Inspector by email and phone; and scan documentation. Review pilot log entries, and obtain clarification as necessary to ensure the entries provide sufficient information on which to base corrective action. Review DMI log and effect corrective action on all discrepancies. Coordinate with Flight Mechanic Supervisor, Assistant Director of Maintenance, and Parts Department if any AOG items are needed.
10. Oversee and assist flight crew and cargo handlers with loading of aircraft, if needed. Verify aircraft cargo areas are checked and free of debris and cleaned, including baggage pits.
11. Ensure all departing aircraft are safe in accordance with FAR’s and company/manufacturer manuals and all work performed is properly documented.
12. Assist with Vendor Audits as required.
13. Be thoroughly familiar with the provisions of the General Maintenance Manual.
14. Attend all Company training classes as assigned by the Director of Maintenance.

Additional Responsibilities:
1. Conduct activities in accordance with company practices, and supporting goals.
2. Work independently and be responsible for complex assignments.
3. Manage time effectively. Possess knowledge of equipment and tools required for the job.
4. Possess excellent writing skills, communication skills, and information retention skills.
5. Maintain expert currency on Company Maintenance General Policies and Procedures Manual.
6. Must understand, be able to interpret and implement FAR compliance.
7. Must understand the objectives of the contract for which service is being provided.
8. Have a minimum of five (5) years proven line maintenance experience on DC-9/MD-80 aircraft or similar type aircraft preferred.
9. Hold high school diploma or equivalent.
10. Must successfully complete a DOT/FAA pre-employment drug screen and a DOT/FAA compliant background check.
11. Must be able to clearly communicate with customers and co-workers; stand, bend, and reach in order to maintain files; sit for extended periods of time; and comply with ATI attendance requirements.
12. Shall hold a Current and Valid Passport.

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

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Everts Air Cargo was formed in 1995 as a 121 Certificated Cargo Airline. Everts Air Cargo is headquartered in Fairbanks where it serves as the primary base for maintenance, administration and charter operations. Everts provides scheduled freight service to 12 major hubs in Alaska. Everts expanded operations to the Lower 48 and now has five MD-80 jets and flies throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

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