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Hillsboro, Oregon
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Responsible for all aircraft maintenance as directed per 14CFR the company GMM and customer requirements.


  • Accomplish periodic checks and operations on aircraft and engines in accordance with furnished work instructions maintenance task cards maintenance manuals and other applicable data.
  • Perform maintenance repair and alterations on company or customer aircraft in accordance with furnished work instructions maintenance task cards maintenance manuals and other applicable data including standard industry practices acceptable to the Administrator.
  • Perform deferrals in accordance with deferral procedures and MEL Manual.
  • Document all work in accordance with procedures and standard industry.
  • Each maintenance person (mechanic or inspector) who is directly in charge of maintenance preventative maintenance or alteration and each person performing required inspections must hold an appropriate airman certificate. A person who is “directly in charge” need not physically observe and direct each worker constantly but must be available for consultation and decision on matters requiring instruction or decision from higher authority than that of persons performing the
  • All company maintenance personnel will dress in a manner reflecting a professional. They should appear neat and clean and be dressed in compliance with company policy.
    • Notifies the DOM of any discrepancies or unairworthy conditions found during the performance of work assigned.
    • Notifies the DOM immediately about any conditions that would create a problem relating to parts materials airworthiness or workmanship.
  • Must possess sufficient hand tools to perform his/her duties as a
  • When directed he/she will attend any maintenance training program the Company may establish.
    • Responsible for completing all required paperwork entries in a clean neat and legible.
  • Maintains their working area in a clean and orderly manner.
  • Occasional travel may be required.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Director of Maintenance.

  • Three or more years experience on like type aircraft in a flight operations environment.
  • Be qualified through training experience and expertise.
  • To the extent of their responsibilities have a full understanding of the following materials with respect to the certificate holders operation:
    1. Aviation safety standards and safe operating practices
    2. The certificate holders operations specifications
    3. All appropriate maintenance and airworthiness requirements of 14 CFR (e.g. Parts 1 21 23 25 43 45 47 65 91 and 125)
    4. The manual required by 14 CFR 125.249
  • Hold a current mechanic certificate with FAA airframe and powerplant ratings
  • Must have strong communication skills

  • Location – Mesa Arizona (IWA)
  • Department – Maintenance
  • Reports To – Director of Maintenance
  • FLSA Classification – Non-exempt

Physical Requirements:
Movement Requirement:

  • Sitting - Occasionally
  • Walking - Occasionally
  • Reaching - Frequently
  • Bending - Frequently
  • Handling - Frequently
  • Climbing - Frequently
  • Balancing - Occasionally
  • Stooping - Frequently
  • Kneeling - Frequently

Auditory and Vision Requirements:
  • Ability to judge distances - Frequently
  • Read signs from a distance - Occasionally
  • Extended hours working at a computer - Rarely
  • Working in a loud environment - Frequently
  • Speaking publicly - Rarely

Strength Requirements:
  • Lifting of up to 50 lbs. on a frequent basis - Frequently

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Part Time AP Mechanic

Location: Hillsboro OR

Industry: Aviation
Occupational Category: AP Mechanic
Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week
Salary: USD 0

Description: GMJ Air Shuttle seeks a Part Time AP Mechanic.

Responsible for all aircraft maintenance as directed per 14CFR the company GMM and customer requirements.




Physical Requirements:
Movement Requirement:

Auditory and Vision Requirements:

Strength Requirements:


Educational requirements:

Experience requirements:

Desired Skills:




Date Posted: 2020-8-6

Please Apply by: 2020-8-22