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Apply for Engineer III job at General Atomics today Engineer III job at General Atomics
location on map is approximate

Engineer III

General Atomics
San Diego, CA
United States

Hourly: USD
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General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
Job Summary:
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) an affiliate of General Atomics is a world leader in proven reliable remotely piloted aircraft and tactical reconnaissance radars as well as advanced high-resolution surveillance systems.
We recognize and appreciate the value and contributions of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and welcome all qualified individuals to apply.
We have an exciting opportunity for a Flight Test Engineer to join our Mission Systems team in Rancho Bernardo CA directly supporting the Flight Test Engineering group.
+ System integration and test and mission planning for flight tests of multiple sensors.
+ Able to develop mission timelines and plan missions to meet all test objectives and coordinate ground support.
+ Must be able to develop and review test plans simulation and flight test cards.
+ Able to conduct software and hardware testing.
+ Must be able to create flight test reports and analyze flight test and simulation data.
+ Must be able to assess system performance and provide detailed descriptions of anomalies to software and hardware teams.
+ Duties will include conducting MQ-9 Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL) testing and operating the Lynx Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) on both manned and unmanned airframes.
+ Duties will also include operating an EO/IR sensor on manned platforms.
+ Must be able to prioritize and multi-task while conducting test flights.
+ Must be able to perform data analysis of radar flight and simulation data.
+ Work with flight operations engineering and program management in support of flight test activities and imagery collection.
+ May assist Project Engineers with scheduling and logistics of unmanned and manned flight tests.
+ Will work closely with the customer during unmanned test plan development and test execution.
+ Supports operation of engineering systems and documents any problems.
+ Participates in flight operations of Manned and Unmanned aircraft operating sensor systems to include the construction of target decks mission planning dynamic re-tasking collection of imagery and maintaining databases
+ Processes images; integrates and operates computer systems and peripheral equipment
+ Troubleshoot conflicting design/development requirements difficult coordination requirements and special material requirements.
+ Provides documentation and makes technical presentations as required.
+ May represent the organization as the prime technical contact on small contracts or single component projects.
Job Category:
Travel Percentage Required:
0% - 25%
Full-Time Salary
San Diego
Clearance Required?:
Flight Test Engineer
Job Qualifications:
+ Typically requires a bachelors degree masters degree or PhD in engineering or a related technical discipline from an accredited institution and progressive engineering experience as follows; four or more years of experience with a bachelors degree or two or more years of experience with a masters degree. May substitute equivalent engineering experience in lieu of education.
+ Must have a complete understanding of engineering concepts principles codes and theory; experience demonstrating a broad application of those concepts; and expanding knowledge of principles concepts theory and practices in related technical specialties.
+ Must possess the ability to understand new concepts quickly; apply them accurately throughout an evolving environment; organize schedule and coordinate work phases; and determine the appropriate approach at the task level or with assistance at the project level to provide solutions to a range of complex problems.
+ Must be able to obtain and maintain DoD Security Clearance.
+ Must possess:
+ (1) strong analytical ability to interpret radar imagery and produce detailed reports pursuant to customer requirements
+ (2) strong communication skills necessary to write and record precise information
+ (3) ability to travel CONUS
+ (4) strong analytical interpersonal verbal and written communication skills to accurately interface with all levels of employees military and civilian customers contractors and aircrew
+ (5) complete knowledge of computer operations and applications
+ (6) The ability to work both independently and in a team environment is essential as is the ability to work extended hours and travel as required.
Connect Talent Bonus Amount:
General Atomics and affiliated companies is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and will consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race color religion gender pregnancy sex sexual orientation gender identity gender expression national origin age genetic information protected veteran status disability or any other basis protected by local state or federal law.Avjobs.com
Engineer III job at General Atomics
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Engineer III job at General Atomics

Engineer III job at General Atomics

Engineer III job at General Atomics

Engineer III job at General Atomics

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