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Apply for Senior Systems Engineer job at HX5 today Senior Systems Engineer job at HX5
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Senior Systems Engineer

Mountain View, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

Senior Systems Engineer
Mountain View CA
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Senior Systems Engineer
Moffett Field CA
HX5 LLC is an award-winning provider of technical services to clients such as NASA and the Department of Defense. Founded in 2004 HX5 is a fast-growing small business with over 475 employees located in more than 30 states.
Current policies and regulations for air traffic management have the ability to balance safety and efficiency in the national Airspace but commercial and private use of Low-altitude small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) has added a significant risk to manned aircraft. As these UAS begin to operate beyond line of sight or autonomously and air traffic becomes highly congested it is critical for the DoD to safely integrate into the UTM system. The development of the UTM System needs to incorporate the DoD needs for the use of Manned and Unmanned systems being flown today and in the future.
HX5 is seeking an individual who will lead an engineering team supporting concept of operations development for DoD manned and unmanned UAS operating in UTM. Support development of procedures requirements architectures and hardware/software specifications for UTM integration with DoD manned and unmanned operations. Lead the definition of standards for DoD operation in UTM. Document DoD mission needs and functional requirements. Develop proposed system design from the DoD based on system requirements – includes specification of hardware and software to be procured/developed. Complete initial software modifications to support DoD operations in UTM design relevant experiments in the UTM lab conduct simulation experiments document results and lessons learned.
Required Skills and Traits:
ConOps development requirements specification/analysis/refinement simulation systems architecture and software architecture development in the area of air traffic management (ATM). Focus on ATM automation including safety analysis. Track record of technical publications and participation in professional association activities such as seminars tutorials mentoring etc. Leadership in ATM systems engineering with proven track record of ATM-related applications development. Familiarity with on-going engineering research and enhancement of ATM including integration of UAS into the National Airspace (NAS) and the role of autonomy in aviation. Familiarity with DoD aviation and operation in the NAS. Understanding of and experience with relevant FAA and other Federal standards and procedures.
Other Desired Skills (Skills other than those required to meet the minimum requirements for the job)
Management of complex ATM programs. Familiarity with NASA UAS Traffic Management (UTM). Subject matter expert in ATM and in Federal Aviation Regulations.
HX5 offers a competitive salary and benefits package to include:
• Medical/dental/vision insurance
• 401(k) plan with company match
• Paid holidays
• Accrued Paid Time Off
HX5 LLC is an equal opportunity (M/F/Disabled/Veteran) and a Drug Free Workplace employer.
ACCESSIBILITY NOTICE: If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the employment process due to a physical or mental disability please send an email to: or call (850) 362-6551.Avjobs.com

Senior Systems Engineer job at HX5
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Senior Systems Engineer job at HX5

Senior Systems Engineer job at HX5

Senior Systems Engineer job at HX5

Senior Systems Engineer job at HX5

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