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Apply for Electronic Technician Journeyman job at LJT Associates today Electronic Technician Journeyman job at LJT Associates
location on map is approximate

Electronic Technician Journeyman

LJT & Associates
Nasa Wallops And Mila, VA
United States

Hourly: USD

LJT and Associates Inc. provides a wide range of engineering and other support services to the U.S. Government and International customers. We are a diversified information technology services company with expertise in the analysis design development and implementation of a variety of software and hardware integration solutions. The company has experienced significant growth and seeks qualified candidates to support continued growth in all of our business sectors.
+ Responsible for performing routine non-routine and complex assignments involving responsibility for
planning and conducting a complete project
+ May train and be assisted by lower level technicians
+ Work on various types of electronic equipment and related devices by performing one or a combination of
the following: installing maintaining repairing overhauling troubleshooting modifying constructing and
+ Work requires practical application of technical knowledge of electronic principles ability to determine
malfunctions and skill to put equipment in required operating condition.
+ Work closely with telemetry engineers building up airborne telemetry system including payload construction
wire harnesses test cables for component circuit card assembly and deck testing
+ Direct and oversee packing and unpacking of payloads and required equipment for field operations and escort
payloads to the field for testing build-up and launch
+ Tasks will involve acceptance and qualification testing of all types of telemetry components
+ Operate and perform preventative maintenance on telemetry ground station equipment during component
and payload checks both at Building F–10 and remote stations
+ Perform other related duties as assigned or required
Minimum 8 years of general experience 6 years as an electronic technician or a total of 10 years of general
electronic experience
Associate Degree in Electronic Technology or equivalent military/trade school training
+ Technical knowledge of electronic principles and ability to use schematics in such areas as drafting designing
equipment construction and troubleshooting
+ Knowledge and understanding of airborne telemetry systems including wiring installation of payload
components performance of initial payload checks and ground station pre-launch testing and launch support
+ Operational knowledge of a wide variety of electronic test equipment to support component / payload
testing and checkout of prototype electronic instrumentation
Training or certification in the following may be required:
+ Crimp Cable and Harness Certification per NASA-STD-8739.4 w/Change 6
+ Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control per GPR 8730.6A
+ Mate / Demate per NASA-STD-8739.4 w/Change 6
+ General Safety Awareness IT Security Environmental Compliance and Personnel Safety and Health
+ Hazardous Materials Handlers (see Safety and Health Plan)
+ + Ordnance / Pyrotechnics Certification per GSFC / WFF 800-PG-8715.0.2C
+ Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies per ANSI / J-STD-001F
LJT is an Equal Opportunity Employer EOE M/F/D/V
ID: 2017-2186
Security Clearance Requirements: N/A
External Company Name: LJT and Associates Inc.
External Company URL: www.ljtinc.com Avjobs.com

Electronic Technician Journeyman job at LJT Associates
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Electronic Technician Journeyman job at LJT Associates

Electronic Technician Journeyman job at LJT Associates

Electronic Technician Journeyman job at LJT Associates

Electronic Technician Journeyman job at LJT Associates

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