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Apply for Multi Discipline Systems Engineer job at MITRE today Multi Discipline Systems Engineer job at MITRE
location on map is approximate

Multi Discipline Systems Engineer

Fairborn, OH
United States

Hourly: USD

Multi-Discipline Systems Engineer

Why choose between doing meaningful work and having a fulfilling life? At MITRE you can have both. Thats because MITRE people are committed to tackling our nations toughest challenges—and were committed to the long-term well-being of our employees. MITRE is different from most technology companies. We are a not-for-profit corporation chartered to work for the public interest with no commercial conflicts to influence what we do. The R&D centers we operate for the government create lasting impact in fields as diverse as cybersecurity healthcare aviation defense and enterprise transformation. Were making a difference every day—working for a safer healthier and more secure nation and world. Our workplace reflects our values. We offer competitive benefits exceptional professional development opportunities and a culture of innovation that embraces diversity inclusion flexibility collaboration and career growth. If this sounds like the choice you want to make then choose MITRE—and make a difference with us. The AF Space Cyber & Intelligence Department is seeking a motivated Engineer to support our Wright-Patterson AFB work program. As a member of our Space Cyber and Intel Solutions team you will help solve our nations most technically challenging problems and work in the public interest building prototype communications and monitoring systems that will identify and defend against system vulnerabilities in a variety of communication devices and networks. This work will be conducted collaboratively with multiple MITRE and government organizations. Key Functions:
• Perform deep engineering analysis of sensitive intel supporting modeling simulation and analysis of ground air and space communications systems.
• Perform engineering assessments combined with intelligence information to address our nation’s most critical problems.
• Assess needs to meet customer analysis requirements.
• Compile and process data products to assemble in applicable presentation format.
• Advise customers on technical aspects of program research and development including technologies in which to invest/divest.
• Demonstrate enabling technologies such as software defined radios (SDRs) data analytics visualization or other means to leverage subject matter expertise.
• Bringing the corporation to bear or develop inter-disciplinary/organizational solutions


• Technical BS or equivalent and 5 years’ experience or Technical MS and 3 years’ experience.
• Experience in analysis design development or testing of digital communications systems.
• Experience using software defined radios and gnu-radio such as Ettus Nuand or others.
• Ability to program with software languages to include C/C Python Java or MATLAB to design and implement solutions where software and hardware meet.
• Ability to think outside of the box and look at problems from different sides to find solutions that are not mainstream. Preferred


• Extensive knowledge of air and space architectures internal components associated communications systems and connected user networks.
• Experience working with the Intelligence Community (IC) and the testing community.
• Ability to assess detailed engineering level susceptibilities.
• Ability to determine risk levels develop test strategies and architectures and to develop risk mitigation concepts.
Electrical Engineering
Primary Location
United States-Ohio-Fairborn
This requisition requires a clearance of
Top Secret/SCI
Yes 5 % of the Time
Job Posting
Oct 10 2017 2:48:55 PM
Req ID:
Multi Discipline Systems Engineer job at MITRE
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Multi Discipline Systems Engineer job at MITRE

Multi Discipline Systems Engineer job at MITRE

Multi Discipline Systems Engineer job at MITRE

Multi Discipline Systems Engineer job at MITRE

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