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Apply for FBO General Manager job at Maverick Air today FBO General Manager job at Maverick Air
location on map is approximate

FBO General Manager

Maverick Air
Sioux Falls, SD
United States

Salary Annual: USD

The FBO Manager is responsible for the direct management of all aspects of the FBO including: line operations, fuel sales, hangar sales, new business development, customer retention, quality control, human resources, and environmental and safety compliance.

The FBO Manager will be responsible for management of employees as well as the facility in accordance with internal policies as well as any/all applicable State and Federal Laws/Regulations. This position is responsible for budget management including gross margins, capital expenditures, and forecasting. May conduct competitive analysis to include pricing, selling points and product offerings.

The FBO Manager must maintain relationships with leadership, employees, customers as well as local airport administration. Also responsible for continually demonstrating leadership and be viewed by others as a role model. Must have effective critical thinking skills to problem solve and immediately respond to changing environments.

The FBO Manager is responsible for interviewing, hiring, training, conducting performance reviews and at times, disciplining employees. Must be able to respond to inquiries, complaints and concerns from employees, customers, and regulatory agencies. Will be responsible for developing employee work schedule as well as ensuring appropriate staffing levels are maintained

Required Skills:

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Aviation Management or related field required. 3-5 years of progressive FBO management experience required.

Must have a current valid Category II driver’s license, and must meet all medical guidelines for Sanford Health Category II drivers.

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

FBO General Manager job at Maverick Air
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FBO General Manager job at Maverick Air

FBO General Manager job at Maverick Air

FBO General Manager job at Maverick Air

FBO General Manager job at Maverick Air

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