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Apply for Mp Air Senior Captain job at Mylan today Mp Air Senior Captain job at Mylan
location on map is approximate

Mp Air Senior Captain

Harrisburg, PA
United States

Hourly: USD

Job id : 17001055 From the providers who sell and market our products to the producers who develop and manufacture them and finally to our business partners who support the providers and producers we all have a mission critical role. Heres how this role will help: Act as Pilot In Command (PIC) of flights operated under Federal Air Regulations FAR Part 91 or ICAO/RVSM regulations for which the pilot has been scheduled approved for worldwide operations with no restrictions. Comply with the provisions of the Companys Flight Operations Manual and Standard Operating Procedures for the aircraft being flown. Comply with schedules and other directives governing the aircrafts operation and ensure that preflight inspections are performed. Prepare and file flight plans. Study weather conditions at departure enroute destination and alternate airports. Ensure that flights may reasonably be expected to be safely completed. Ensure that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all provisions on board for the safety and comfort of the customers. Review and calculate the aircraft weight and balance fuel on board and takeoff and landing performance. Use aircraft checklists with the “Challenge/Response” method Supervise the First Officer (SIC) and Flight Attendant (F/A) if assigned. The Captain may delegate authority to perform any of the functions listed above to other crewmembers but remain responsible for the proper completion of those duties necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft. Coordinate the actions of all crewmembers assigned to the flight. Liaise with service providers at destinations visited. Contract for servicing of the aircraft. Authorize purchases of fuel and other necessary supplies and services. Make necessary arrangements for the safety and security of the aircraft and crew when away from home base. People who are active learners and have a positive attitude. People who are leaders and know that by working together we can run faster reach higher and achieve more. By doing so we will continue to set new standards in health care. Here are the minimum qualifications for this position: Minimum of a Bachelor of Science is required. However a combination of experience and/or education will be taken into consideration. Meets all FAA requirements to serve as Pilot-In-Command. Extensive corporate international experience as PIC with a minimum of 5000 logged flight hours with 1000 hours of jet time and 250 hours in the type of aircraft to be operated. Meets FAA currency requirements. Ability to pass a Pilot-In-Command and instrument competency check in the type of aircraft to be flown. Must hold a current FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with appropriate Type Rating for at least one aircraft flown. Must hold a current FAA First Class Medical Certificate and a current FCC Radiotelephone Permit. Type certificates for at least one of the following: BBD-700 BBD-700/Vision CL-604CL-605 Must possess a working knowledge of Federal Air Regulations Part 61 and 91 ICAO Regulations and ICAO/RVSM procedures. Must possess the ability to safely operate an aircraft and direct and supervise crew. Must possess good hand-eye coordination piloting skills navigation skills jet operating procedures and instrument approach procedures. Ability to understand and follow directions from ATC. Mylan is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Female/Disabled/Veteran. For more details go to URLAvjobs.com
Mp Air Senior Captain job at Mylan
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Mp Air Senior Captain job at Mylan

Mp Air Senior Captain job at Mylan

Mp Air Senior Captain job at Mylan

Mp Air Senior Captain job at Mylan

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