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Apply for Temporary Mechanil Engineer job at OSI Systems today Temporary Mechanil Engineer job at OSI Systems
location on map is approximate

Temporary Mechanil Engineer

OSI Systems
Snoqualmie, WA
United States

Hourly: USD

At Spacelabs Healthcare we are on a mission to provide continuous innovation in healthcare technology for better clinical and economic outcomes. Our scalable solutions deliver critical patient data across local and remote systems enable better-informed decisions increase efficiencies and create a safer environment for patients.
Why work at Spacelabs? Because lives depend on you!
The Mechanical Engineer Temp provides support for projects involving complex mechanical design and manufacture in the development of Spacelabs patient monitoring products. Responsibility includes design testing prototyping and simulation and parts selection.
+ Execute complex designs in the following disciplines: plastic injection molding vacuum forming machining casting stamping and sheet metal.
+ Apply theoretical calculation to design in areas such as thermodynamics fluid flow or structural analysis by testing mathematical models to validate the capabilities and parameters of the design and prove the prototype will do as design indicates.
+ Optimize development of project/product by tradeoffs of schedule development cost tooling cost product cost functionality reliability and manufacturability to meet the goals and objectives of the company.
+ Rigorous adherence to company and quality procedures and requirements.
+ Prepare product requirements.
+ Provide technical reports and presentations.
+ Actively appraise technology and product concepts to keep product lines competitive and moving toward excellence by attending seminars reading related articles and talking to vendors. Schedule own development activities.
+ Uphold the Company’s core values of Integrity Innovation Accountability and Teamwork.
+ Demonstrate behavior consistent with the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.
+ It is the responsibility of every Spacelabs Healthcare employee to report to their manager or a member of senior management any quality problems or defects in order for corrective action to be implemented and to avoid recurrence of the problem.
+ Duties may be modified or assigned at any time to meet the needs of the business.
+ Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering; equivalent experience may be accepted; Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering preferred
+ 3+ years relevant mechanical design/test experience such as:
+ Experience designing medical products
+ Experience using rapid prototyping devices
+ Experience in SolidWorks and mechanical stress and thermal modeling
+ Experience analyzing parts and assemblies in CAE applications preferably CosmosWorks
+ Knowledge of HALT and HASS
+ Experience with design documentation process
+ Ability to manage multiple complex priorities within demanding timeframes. Strong problem-solving skills.
+ Experience working positively and productively in a team environment. Must possess the ability to work effectively with internal and external resources as a part of the product development process.
+ Strong communication skills including excellent writing and presentation skills.
+ Must be US Persons based on ITAR definintion (US Citizen or Permanent Resident)This position is expected to be exposed to information which is subject to US export control regulations i.e. the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). All applicants must be U.S. persons within the meaning of U.S. regulations.
Equal Opportunity Employer
EEO is the Law
Poster Link: http://www1.eeoc.gov/employers/upload/eeocselfprintposter.pdf
OSI Systems Inc. has three operating divisions: (a) Security providing security and inspection systems turnkey security screening solutions and related services; (b) Healthcare providing patient monitoring diagnostic cardiology and anesthesia systems; and (c) Optoelectronics and Manufacturing providing specialized electronic components and electronic manufacturing services for original equipment manufacturers with applications in the defense aerospace medical and industrial markets among others.
Requisition #: 12497
External Company URL: www.osi-systems.com Avjobs.com
Temporary Mechanil Engineer job at OSI Systems
Apply for this Temporary Mechanil Engineer position today


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Temporary Mechanil Engineer job at OSI Systems

Temporary Mechanil Engineer job at OSI Systems

Temporary Mechanil Engineer job at OSI Systems

Temporary Mechanil Engineer job at OSI Systems

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