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Apply for Lead Web Application Engineer job at Panasonic today Lead Web Application Engineer job at Panasonic
location on map is approximate

Lead Web Application Engineer

Lake Forest, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

We are looking for a Lead Web Application Software Engineer who will be an integral part our connectivity software teams. You will be working with several teams of software engineers who develop and deploy our Internet Services Platform providing global access for commercial aircraft.
•Lead the delivery of the product and its development life cycle end-to-end
•Makes architectural and design decisions which have long lasting effects taking into account current and future requirements performance scalability testability and deployment
•Takes an active role in developing or refactoring some of the components of the application
•Provides technical direction to any vendors who are contracted to support the product
•Serves as the team’s technical point-of-contact. You will collaborate with internal stakeholders product owners and other engineering teams including working with DBA’s data architects testers product management network administrators field engineers DevOps etc.
•Rapidly prototypes algorithmic and design concepts that the team can use
•Mentors team members with a heart of a teacher
•Drives work to completion using the teams agile software development process
•Deals with the daily grind of solving technical and logistical problems of developing software
•Prepare review and evaluate interface documentation technical specifications test plans and procedures.
Skills and Qualifications
•Minimum 7 years of experience developing enterprise class secure web applications in highly reliable environment
•Must have proficient skills and working experience with all of the categories below:
◦PHP preferably with recent experience in PHP7
◦Object-Oriented concepts
◦Web-based technologies: HTML JavaScript AJAX JSON XML CSS.
◦Databases: MySQL Oracle SQL Server or DB2
◦HTTP Servers: Apache nginx
◦Linux: CentOS Ubuntu
◦PHP Frameworks: Such as Laravel Lumen Zend framework 1 to 3 Zend Expressive
•Self-Reliant Self-Starting Go-Getter!
•Works well in an engineering environment that requires communication and collaboration with fellow team members
•Bachelor’s degree in technical field required
•Pluses include: Experience with several of the technologies and methodologies listed below
◦Network administration and/or IFE/Avionics background
◦Service oriented architecture (SOA)
◦Scaling web applications with high traffic
◦RESTful services
◦Bootstrap jQuery AngularJS Angular EmberJS MongoDB
◦Continuous Deployment
◦Payment processing and familiarity with PCI compliance
◦Load testing websites and API platforms
◦Docker Containers
◦Mobile App development
◦Admin interfaces such as Drupal (CMS)
Lead Web Application Engineer job at Panasonic
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Lead Web Application Engineer job at Panasonic

Lead Web Application Engineer job at Panasonic

Lead Web Application Engineer job at Panasonic

Lead Web Application Engineer job at Panasonic

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