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Apply for Cmm Programmer Inspector job at Triumph Group today Cmm Programmer Inspector job at Triumph Group
location on map is approximate

Cmm Programmer Inspector

Triumph Group
Edgerton, KS
United States

Hourly: USD

Triumph Group designs engineers manufactures repairs and overhauls a broad portfolio of aviation and industrial components accessories subassemblies systems and aircraft structures. We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operators of commercial regional business and military aircraft worldwide to provide products and services that solve their hardest problems. So whatever the part component or complexity of assembly Triumph is committed to quality service and meeting the specialized needs of each customer.
Triumph participates at all levels of the aerospace supply chain – from single components to complex systems to aerospace structures and their contents. We provide solutions for the entire product life cycle of an aircraft – from raw material to aftermarket service. Our unique ability to integrate a broad range of products and capabilities is our competitive advantage.
Uses predetermined methods operations setups and prescribed specifications to inspect visually in-process and completed electronic units and subsystems precision electromechanical assemblies or mechanical units and subassemblies.
+ CMM programming in the CatiaV5 working environment.
+ CMM operation for the acceptance of 4 and 5 axis machined parts.
+ Interpret and summarize inspection data.
+ Document inspection results in the form of AS9102 First Article Inspection report.
+ Maintain detailed records of programs and inspection results.
+ Assist product engineers and manufacturing in the analysis of dimensional inspection data.
+ Assist with daily weekly and monthly calibration of inspection equipment fixtures and tools.
+ In-process inspection.
+ Perform mechanical inspection on parts/assemblies using standard inspection equipment such as bore gages height gages micrometers etc.
+ Report clear and concise inspection results to manufacturing to assist in the success of quality product.
+ CMM programming prior to the machining/manufacture of upcoming product.
+ Maintain all proper documentation requirements.
+ Assist in periodic audits including but not limited to internal customer ISO audits etc.
Performs other duties as assigned.
+ Proficient in CMM programming operation and interpretation of inspection results.
+ Capable of programming complex 4 and 5 axis machined parts.
+ Programming experience in a 3D working environment where strict DPD standards are required.
+ The ability to view and interrogate customer supplied 3D models. (Experience in the CatiaV5 environment preferred)
+ The ability to read understand and interpret drawings as well as customer specifications and requirements.
+ Able to interpret parts list and Assembly instructions.
+ Well versed in reading and understanding of Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing per ASME Y14.5M-1994.
+ Well versed in basic mechanical inspection tools (i.e. caliper micrometer protractor height gage verniers conductivity meter hardness tester bore gage optical comparator and indicators).
+ Proficiency in fundamentals of dimensional metrology and the ability to troubleshoot find and fix errors from inaccurate methods of inspection.
+ Excellent comprehension of machining process.
+ Possess good communication skills both written and verbal.
+ High School Diploma or equivalent.
+ Five years minimum experience in the quality field.
+ Three years of aerospace quality experience.
+ Three years CMM programming experience.
+ Thorough understanding of AS9102 requirements
+ Three years Catia or Enovia DMU viewer experience desired.
Requisition Number: 13959
Security Clearance Required?: No
External Company Name: Triumph Group Inc.
External Company URL: www.triumphgroup.com Avjobs.com
Cmm Programmer Inspector job at Triumph Group
Apply for this Cmm Programmer Inspector position today


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Cmm Programmer Inspector job at Triumph Group

Cmm Programmer Inspector job at Triumph Group

Cmm Programmer Inspector job at Triumph Group

Cmm Programmer Inspector job at Triumph Group

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