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Apply for Clin Care Coord Competent job at University of Michigan today Clin Care Coord Competent job at University of Michigan
location on map is approximate

Clin Care Coord Competent

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
United States

Hourly: USD

Job Summary
Provide all aspects of nursing care to include (but not limited to) procedural sedation telephone triage care coordination and follow-up for patients and families served at the Anesthesia Back and Pain Center in the Burlington building.
Work collaboratively with the inter-professional team to develop and implement patient education nursing protocols and clinical pathways for the care of procedural patients and patients with chronic pain.
Candidate must be able to perform their duties with minimal supervision.
• Assist with development and implementation of patient education and evidence based nursing protocols for procedural patients and patients with chronic pain
• Provide phone consultation/triage for patient concerns oversee adult symptom calls and red calls
• Care coordination for patients with chronic pain issues
• Manage test results workflow
• Complex form completion
• Perform patient education visits in clinic as needed and/or as directed by providers
• Develop self-management goals with patients for chronic pain management or reinforce goals noted in MiChart
• Maintain relevant health and medical information in MiChart
• Collaborate with provider staff on a mutually acceptable plan of care to maximize the health potential of the individual family or community
• Align clinical nursing practice with the Nursing Model of care that supports patient story mutual goal setting self-care efficacy and appropriate use of the health system.
• Document nursing care according to Michigan Medicine standards policies and procedures
• Be an active participant of a collaborative health care team that uses data analysis and evidence-based practice to guide delivery of care.
• Attend and participate in conferences and continuing education and staff development programs to maintain knowledge of current literature
• Work collaboratively with supervising physicians advanced practice professionals and clinic personnel to successfully deliver high quality care to our rehabilitation patient population
• Participate in department meetings to continually improve clinic processes
• Provide oversight of LPN and unlicensed assistive staff as needed
• Assist in the procedure room and prep/recovery room as needed
Nursing Specific Info
Salary and Nursing Framework Level:
This UMPNC RN posting is posted under the Role-Specific Advancement Model (RSAM) as:
Actual RSAM LEVEL and salary will be determined at time of hire.
Required qualifications must be met by the candidate in order to be interviewed and considered for the position.
Posting may be filled after the initial 5-day posting period.
Applicants who have left the UMPNC bargaining unit must include on their resume dates of past employment including months and years of service along with effort.
Positions less than 20 hours/week may be combined.
If you have questions regarding this posting or would like assistance with nursing opportunities please contact Nurse Recruitment at (734) 936-5183.
Required Qualifications
As evidenced by interviews recent performance appraisals and reference feedback:
+ Current licensure to practice nursing in the State of Michigan.
+ Graduate of an accredited BSN program.
+ Minimum two (2) years of experience at full-time status within the past five (5) years as an ICU ED or Flight nurse or as a Sedation Analgesia Professional.
+ Current ACLS certification.
+ Minimum of two (2) years of experience within the past five (5) years performing telephone triage for patients with chronic pain and/or other chronic conditions.
+ Demonstrated effective time management.
+ Demonstrated ability to apply critical thinking skills in daily practice: assessment planning intervention and evaluation.
+ Demonstrated ability to establish collaborative practice with multidisciplinary team.
+ Demonstrated accountability to Departmental requirements.
+ Demonstrated ability to problem solve in a collaborative manner.
+ Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills.
+ Demonstrated experience case management of chronic care conditions.
NOTE: Required qualifications must be met by the candidate in order to be interviewed and considered for the position.
RESUME REQUIRED (for both internal and external applicants):
You must attach a complete and accurate resume to be fully considered for this position.
Desired Qualifications
+ Clinical certification in pain nursing or ambulatory care nursing.
+ Experience with development of patient education materials and/or nursing protocols.
+ Ambulatory Care – chronic pain management experience preferred within last 3-5 years.
+ Knowledge of University policies and procedures. Knowledge of MiChart Microsoft Office and Outlook.
he Success Patterns for this position are:
• Excellent customer service skills
• Willingness and ability to learn quickly
• Knowledge of and/or ability to learn to work as part of a team-oriented environment
• Knowledge of and/or ability to solve problems
• Strong attention to detail and accuracy
Successful Candidates will have the following Personal Characteristics:
• High enthusiasm and energy
• Willing to go the extra mile in all aspects of the job
• Respect for people and hard work
• Willingness to learn challenge and better yourself
• Flexible self-motivated and detail-oriented
• Fun
Work Schedule
Hours: 40 hours per week
Shift/Hours/Days: Monday – Friday; hours 9:30 am-6:00 pm with flexibility required to meet the business need
Location: Burlington Building Ann Arbor MI
All new employees will be expected to float to a designated unit(s) in times of low census.
Union Affiliation
This position is covered under the collective bargaining agreement between the U-M and the Michigan Nurses Association and the U-M Professional Nurse Council union which contains and settles all matters with respect to wages benefits hours and other terms and conditions of employment.
Background Screening
Michigan Medicine conducts background screening and pre-employment drug testing on job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent job offer and may use a third party administrator to conduct background screenings. Background screenings are performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act.
Mission Statement
Michigan Medicine improves the health of patients populations and communities through excellence in education patient care community service research and technology development and through leadership activities in Michigan nationally and internationally. Our mission is guided by our Strategic Principles and has three critical components; patient care education and research that together enhance our contribution to society.
U-M EEO/AA Statement
The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.
Job Detail
Job Opening ID
Working Title
CLINICAL CARE COORDINATOR (Ambulatory Care Burlington Building Anesthesia Back and Pain Center)
Job Title
Work Location
Michigan Medicine - Health SysAnn Arbor MI
Full/Part Time
FLSA Status
Organizational Group
Um Hospital
UMH Anes Back and Pain Ctr
Posting Begin/End Date
11/13/2017 – 11/17/2017
Paid Time Off
Pay Grade
Nurses Pay Grade N3C
Career Interests
Nursing- All NursingNursing- Ambulatory Care and Clinics
Apply Now at http://careers.umich.edu/jobdetail/apply/150194Avjobs.com
Clin Care Coord Competent job at University of Michigan
Apply for this Clin Care Coord Competent position today


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Clin Care Coord Competent job at University of Michigan

Clin Care Coord Competent job at University of Michigan

Clin Care Coord Competent job at University of Michigan

Clin Care Coord Competent job at University of Michigan

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