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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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  • Coordinate and implement cross-departmental process changes
  • Establish and maintain effective communication channels from/regarding all SOC/OCC functions throughout the organization
  • Promote and look for continuous improvements relating to the Safety Management System (SMS)
  • The Sr. Director Network Operations has authority over and responsibility to lead all operational functions and related support roles within the SOC/OCC
  • Oversee SOC/OCC Operations to ensure compliance with company FAA and DOT regulations
  • All employee management functions shall be reviewed and approved by the associated department managers working directly with the Sr. Director to ensure compliance with company policy. Including but not limited to recruiting hiring training ongoing performance management along with any potential terminations
  • Analyze evaluate and facilitate change to programs used within the SOC/OCC to maximize productivity for each role as well as return value to the organization
  • Design guide and maintain high performing roles within the SOC/OCC structure as well as mentor new and existing leaders
  • Develop short and long term goals for the SOC/OCC employee groups to elevate overall company performance

Aircraft Scheduling and Logistics
  • Maintain best practices and seek opportunity to improve asset deployment
  • Ensure aircraft and crew are scheduled in accordance with the GOM GMM and FARs
  • Help accountable department leaders maintain and improve crew related services such as crew transitions fatigue management programs and all QOL factors while on the road
  • Work with appropriate leaders to develop and execute contingency plans to protect flights in the event of mechanical issues changing customer schedules ATC delays or any other IRROPS variable with higher awareness and mitigation factors put in place for FSP/XO Protected Clients
  • Collaborate with Compliance to facilitate mandatory DOT drug and alcohol testing
  • Audit duty/rest/flight for legality implement process or procedure for any trends with associated risk with CPO collaboration and input
  • Handle all escalations for needed exceptions or communicated risk for relating to crew legality coordinating directly with CPO for approvals
  • Monitor and adjust work flow processes to ensure smooth integration with all other SOC/OCC workgroups
  • Develop vendor interface processes and maintain relationships with vendors to maximize business opportunity
  • Researches vendor performance issues
  • Develop vendor interface processes and maintain relationships with vendors to maximize business opportunity
  • Researches vendor performance issues

International Planning and Logistics
  • Coordinate department needs and process/policy change with the associated leader(s)
  • Ensure ITP group has clear goals relative to their defined responsibilities and procedures outlined in company manuals
  • Verify international security requirements and implement risk mitigation as needed
  • Confirm factors relating to international operations including but not limited to international entry requirements landing and overflight permit requirements crewmember documentation requirements trip feasibility required visas safety assessments overflight and landing permits
  • Reviews all operations other than Mexico Canada and Caribbean with Chief Pilot and Director of Operations (expanding with the Global fleet and international markets)
  • Maintain relationship with vendors like Jeppesen and ARINC that can help facilitate International operations beyond the capability of internal teams

Flight Following and Release
  • Promotes Safety Management System in accordance with GOM
  • Ensure department manager is enforcing company policy and looking for areas of improvement to enhance operational functions relative to flight operations
  • Verify timely execution of defined responsibilities and procedures outlined in company manuals
  • Ensure operations is handling flight plans with GDC/ARINC both planning and filing as well as the following tasks:
    • Flight follow company aircraft
    • secure slots and landing reservations
    • verify required flight log information is captured and entered into the appropriate company systems
    • coordinate with NBAA GA desk to understand and mitigate delays of the company aircraft
    • monitor weather patterns and NOTAMs that may affect company flights (current and future) then communicate associated risk to all necessary parties
    • Coordinate and communicate EDCT times as required
Qualifications and Experiences:
  • Prefer at least 10 or more years of relevant aviation experience
  • Knowledge of FARs for crew duty day requirements
  • Capable of working in a fast paced deadline-driven environment with minimal supervision
  • Aviation management experience required
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a team environment
  • Proficient with PC and Microsoft Office skills (including Word and Excel) and ability to learn new programs quickly
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills necessary
  • Ability to analyze complex situations problem solve and successful time management

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XOJET is one of the largest private aviation companies in North America. We own and operate the largest on-demand fleet of super-midsize private jets in the U.S. supplemented by a Preferred Partner Network of over 1450+ aircraft – all of which are maintained to exceed the highest level of safety standards in the industry. XOJET was the first private aviation company to enable its entire fleet with complimentary Wi-Fi and has earned the industrys highest safety ratings including ARGUS Platinum Wyvern Wingman and ISBAO Stage III. We employ 400+ employees across the country and have offices in San Francisco Sacramento New York Los Angeles and Palm Beach. Our clients include a wide range of businesses and individuals across a spectrum of industries including finance private equity technology media and entertainment.

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Sr. Director Network Operations

Location: Fort Lauderdale FL

Industry: Aviation
Occupational Category: Business Operations
Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week
Salary: USD 0

Description: XOJET Aviation LLC seeks a Sr. Director Network Operations.

Aircraft Scheduling and Logistics

International Planning and Logistics

Flight Following and Release
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Date Posted: 2019-12-3

Please Apply by: 2019-12-19