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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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  • Understand economic impact of scheduling decisions through discussions with the Revenue Management team while evaluating and providing safety-neutral choices to present to XOJET clients
  • Schedule and control the movement of all company aircraft to achieve maximum safety efficiency and availability to meet schedule demands and company objectives in accordance with FAA Part 135 crew duty rest and flight regulations.
  • Determine feasibility of executing scheduled trips and accommodating new trip requests based on overall network availability maintenance and crew availability and/or operational limitations on specific aircraft assignments
  • Interface and coordinate with Maintenance Control Fuel Team International Trip Planning Pilots and Client Service teams to operate company aircraft safely and efficiently while meeting company objectives and prioritizing client service.
  • Schedule and re-route company aircraft relating to weather maintenance availability and/or failures and in anticipation or response to elevated crew risk scores
  • Anticipate scheduling issues as a result of day-of weather phenomenon and other operational issues. Monitor developing situations and communicate constraints to crews client services Ops and all other appropriate SOC workgroups. Mitigate further schedule impact with strategic planning and creative problem solving.
  • Frame actionable choices to leadership teams during IRROP situations with recovery options including overall economic impact in a clear and well-presented fashion for quick response
  • Implement and execute all scheduling related decisions quickly and with precision outstanding issues shall be passed to the next shift with detailed information in a formal pass down and clear direction on action items
  • Execute transitions for all crew members starting and ending rotation while considering service delivery to our clients cost analysis related to each movement and impact on individual quality of life for the crew member
  • Manage all crew movement in near term creating maximum capacity in the network pairings and training prioritized with guidance from CPO (IOE COE company checks etc.)

Flight Operations Analyst
  • Serve as Subject Matter Expert on all operational matters to include:
    • Weather
    • A/C Performance
    • Airport Feasibility
    • FAA Regulations
  • Capture log and verify crew duty information
  • Acquire hangers for flights as required due to snow/ice or overnight temps.
  • Assist Schedule team with trip and crew logistics during IROP situations
  • Utilize AFIS messaging system as needed to communicate with in-flight aircraft
  • Update TSA NFL and Selectee lists via TSA CVS docs and uploading them into FOS
  • Uploading Special Posts and verifying them to the Passenger Manifest''s stored by the company in FOS.
  • Coordinate the communication of elevated Duty Risk Scores to CPO Scheduling and Safety
  • Perform feasibility snapshot on all new revenue flights at time of booking
  • Respond to Sales/RM and in-SOC questions regarding weather/performance
  • New-airport analysis
  • Current-day weather and performance monitoring
  • 72-hour operational outlook

International Flight Planner
  • Serve as Subject Matter Expert on international requirements for all teams within the SOC (System Operations Center) and throughout the company.
  • Perform all international planning duties:
    • Determine flight plan routing considering applicable SIDs STARs NOTAMs airspace restrictions aircraft performance capabilities and customs/immigration availability
    • Identify request and secure:
      • Appropriate USCBP authorizations
      • Overflight permits
      • Foreign/domestic customs/immigration
      • Foreign/domestic aircraft and passenger handling
      • Crew accommodations and transportation with appropriate security considerations
      • Collaborate with Client Service to ensure all necessary passenger information is acquired and correct. (Personal information VISAs etc.)
      • Perform operational feasibility checks on all trips and follow-up on stated concerns prior to departure
      • Perform quality control of future trips to ensure timely collection of passenger information
      • Develop relationships and partnerships with service providers
      • Other duties as assigned.

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XOJET is one of the largest private aviation companies in North America. We own and operate the largest on-demand fleet of super-midsize private jets in the U.S. supplemented by a Preferred Partner Network of over 1450+ aircraft – all of which are maintained to exceed the highest level of safety standards in the industry. XOJET was the first private aviation company to enable its entire fleet with complimentary Wi-Fi and has earned the industrys highest safety ratings including ARGUS Platinum Wyvern Wingman and ISBAO Stage III. We employ 400+ employees across the country and have offices in San Francisco Sacramento New York Los Angeles and Palm Beach. Our clients include a wide range of businesses and individuals across a spectrum of industries including finance private equity technology media and entertainment.

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Sr. Network Operations Analyst

Location: Fort Lauderdale FL

Industry: Aviation
Occupational Category: Business Operations
Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week
Salary: USD 0

Description: XOJET Aviation LLC seeks a Sr. Network Operations Analyst.


Flight Operations Analyst

International Flight Planner


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Date Posted: 2019-12-3

Please Apply by: 2019-12-19