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MHI Canada Aerospace, a subsidiary of Japan-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, assembles major airframe components such as wings and fuselage for Bombardier Aerospace, specifically for the Global 5000/6000 and the Challenger 350, both high speed business jets.

Scope of Position:

Reporting to the Methods Supervisor, the Methods Engineer develops manufacturing integration concepts, determines assembly process/sequence, manufacturing bill of materials, and tooling requirements to satisfy Engineering requirements while maintaining configuration.

Position Summary:

  • Develops manufacturing plan and tooling requirements based on advance engineering concepts and forecasted production rate.
  • Estimates assembly flow-time, production hours, and parts count for new project proposals.
  • Perform manufacturing automation feasibility studies.
  • Determine Assembly breaks and parts separation to suit plant layout and capacity.
  • Performs design reviews and delivers technical presentations on manufacturing plans.
  • Responsible for planning, sequencing, and maintaining Methods instructions for Major and Final assemblies.
  • Assists production and related departments in an advisory capacity in Methods processes, cost, and schedule improvements.
  • Provides technical assistance to production and act as technical interface between Engineering, Quality, Tooling, and production teams.
  • Investigates, analyzes, and provides corrective actions to resolve acute and chronic production issues related to processes and tooling
  • Performs detailed analysis and provide necessary inputs for raising engineering change requests.
  • Incorporates Engineering dispositions into rework instruction to restore non-conforming parts and assemblies to the originally designed product integrity and quality.
  • Assists junior Methods Engineering personnel.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Proficient in interpreting Engineering 2D drawings and 3D models, to a level sufficient to perform the day to day tasks; extremely familiar with Bombardier Aerospace tools and standards.
  • Familiarity with Aerospace Material Review Board (MRB) processes and production shop floor practices desirable.
  • Excellent knowledge of aircraft structure and system installation technical requirements.
  • Thorough understanding of Aircraft systems, sequence of installation and requirements for Functional Test procedures.
  • Thorough knowledge of aircraft materials and hardware, industry practices and standards, as well as aeronautical Engineering standards and specifications.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, sound Engineering Judgement, a high sense of commitment, and a willingness to accept responsibilities while acting independently.
  • Initiative and positive action, ability to act independently and competently.

Education and Experience:

  • Graduate of a recognized technical institute, college, or university, majoring in Engineering.
  • The successful candidate will typically have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Aerospace, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineering.
  • Minimum three to five (3-5) years’ Methods Engineering experience in Aerospace, preferably on Bombardier Programs.

Key Measurements of the Position

  • Maintain professionalism
  • Ability to accomplish duties required effectively and efficiently.
  • Ability to deal with added day to day issues and concerns.

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About Us MHI Canada Aerospace, Inc. (MHICA), a group company of MItsubishi Heavy Industries, is a Tier 1 manufacturer of major aircraft structures and assemblies, based in Mississauga, Ontario. Over the past decade, MHICA has built more than aircraft components, it has built a recognized worldwide reputation for capacity, precision, on-time delivery and excellence. MHICA's facilities include a 270,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacture and assembly facility and a 70,000 sq ft supply chain and logistics centre, where more than 800 highly-skilled employees are working on Bombardier's sector-leading Global 5000/6000 and Challenger 350 business aircraft. MHICA's technicians build and join wing assemblies and fuselage centre sections, as well as perform systems and flight control assembly installations and testing. Building complex aircraft structures at the highest levels requires a full and well-managed inventory. MHICA's logistics centre ensures the stable and on-time delivery of materials, sub-assemblies and tooling needed for continuous and fluid assembly. Our Supply Chain and Logistics Centre sources materials and manages more than 100 supply chain partners from across North America. MHCIA conducts quality control and inspections of incoming components and materials, assembles work kits and warehouses the inventory that keeps our assembly facility running smoothly. MHICA is a world leader in large scale automated drilling/fastening/sealing of wing and fuselage major assemblies. MHICA also has developed and incorporated flex cell technology that allows our major assembly jigs to be re-configured for a wide variety of current and future aircraft platforms. Flex cell technology includes Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for major assemblies. MHICA’s smart shop floor technology provides real-time situational awareness of detail parts, sub-assemblies and major assemblies. MHI Canada Aerospace, Inc looks to the future and the development of new partnerships with leading aerospace manufacturers. For more information about MHICA's skilled workforce, logistics centre, and world-class assembly facilities, please contact us at 905-612-8131 Company details Website Headquarters Mississsauga, Ontario Year founded 2006 Company type Privately Held Company size 501-1,000 employees

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