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Apply for Station Loadmaster job at Atlas Air Inc today Station Loadmaster job at Atlas Air Inc
location on map is approximate

Station Loadmaster

Atlas Air Inc
Allentown, PA
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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Position Summary: Provide oversight and direction to vendors contracted by Atlas Air, and customers of Atlas ACMI flights, ensuring that proper Atlas and FAA handling procedures are used in the performance of duties.
Assist / oversee flight handling coordination for all Atlas departments, Crews and ground handlers.

Values and Behavioral Standards: To ensure the effective communication and application of company values and behavioral standards, as stated in our company “Code of Conduct” policy, and to respond appropriately in the event of any known departure.

Major Job Accountabilities:
• Comply with all Company Procedures, as outlined in manuals, bulletins, and memos.
• Perform job duties in a timely and efficient manner.
• Follow Company, local and government safety and security policies and procedures.
• Communicate with Regional/Station Manager and HDQ Global Control Center on any issues or irregularities that affect the operation.
• Ability to travel to off-line stations
• Work to ensure all customers, vendors, and government authorities are aware of the Atlas arrival and departure times at your station.
• Ensure that all required equipment and personnel are in their proper position prior to aircraft arrival and departure at the assigned parking location.
• Coordinate with customers to ensure proper and timely load planning.
• Ensure that all required preload checks are accomplished in order to ensure cargo, ULD integrity and compliance.
• Coordinate and supervise all cargo- related functions associated with handling the flight, which includes inspection of ULD’s, checking the weights randomly or on site inspection of pallets being weighed prior to being loaded onto Atlas Air aircraft.
? Ensures safety of company aircraft and crews by:
? preventing aircraft damage;
? ensuring proper loading, including nets and locks;
? ensuring HAZMAT is handled correctly, including loading and paperwork.
• Conduct a thorough HAZMAT check of all outbound cargo.
• Check Accuracy of NOTOC, create if necessary.
• Ensure that the departing crew receives NOTOC in a timely manor so that crewmembers may conduct their inspection.
• Compute Weight and Balance.
• Receive and reproduce flight plans, weather, NOTAM/INTAMS and any other documents sent to the flight crews from Dispatch to operate their flight.
• Send and receive aircraft movement and load messages to and from up line and down line stations via SITA, e-Mail, fax or any other means required to notify all concerned.
• Arrange and order catering for flights adhering to proper catering procedures and levels per Atlas Air catering standards as provided in the published manuals.
• Supervise aircraft and loading crews.
• Ensure that the station-marshalling plan is followed, as required.
• Replace and/or revises aircraft manuals and Jeppesens, as required.
• Conduct FOD Inspections and Safety audits as required.
• Identify potential problems as they develop and works with the Station or Regional Manager, and Customer to reach resolutions.
• Ensure that all required Atlas reports are completed and distributed.

• Demonstrate an ability to teach technical systems and skills to vendors and handlers to ensure proper handling of Atlas Air/Polar Air Cargo aircraft
• Must be qualified in all areas of ground and 767 Cargo operations.
• Have a broad background in the airline industry or aviation
• Have a specific experience in the areas of duty and operations
• Have the ability to work independently
• Computer literacy, the ability to not only run basic e-mail and word processing programs, but is able to learn and operate proficiently company and industry programs. Some examples are as follows:
o AIMs
o Cargo Spot
• Applicants are required to successfully pass company Initial and annual recurrent training in areas of Loadplanning, Weight & Balance, aircraft handling, dangerous goods, and security.

Station Loadmaster job at Atlas Air Inc
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Station Loadmaster job at Atlas Air Inc

Station Loadmaster job at Atlas Air Inc

Station Loadmaster job at Atlas Air Inc

Station Loadmaster job at Atlas Air Inc

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