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Apply for Advanced Flight Instructor job at Aviation Performance Solutions today Advanced Flight Instructor job at Aviation Performance Solutions
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Advanced Flight Instructor

Aviation Performance Solutions
Mesa, AZ
United States

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Advanced Flight Instructor

At APS, we help pilots bring everyone home safely. We don’t just say that; it is our primary focus every day. We are an ambitious team on a mission to change flight training for the better, worldwide. To be upfront, APS is not for everyone. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. We strive for excellence, believing in people and their ability to constantly improve and realize potential. To thrive here you’ll need passion, hustle, humility, and comfort with the ongoing evolution of a fast growing company. There will be hard work and incredible challenges, but we’ll face them together with optimism. While we ask a lot of you, you will receive a lot in return: a rewarding career, unrivaled personal growth opportunities, and the deep satisfaction that your efforts help save lives.

The Advanced Flight Instructor will be primarily dedicated to delivering industry-leading upset prevention & recovery training (UPRT) to experienced pilots. You will be key to APS’ success by ensuring a valuable and safe client experience as one of our cadre of UPRT experts. This high-impact role brings significant responsibility in ensuring safety, maintaining compliance with rigorous standards, and continually expanding UPRT knowledge. You will also be called on to use your industry experience and leadership skills to contribute to business-related activities, outside projects, furthering the APS mission.

? Minimum 1500 hours total flight time
? Extensive all-attitude all-envelope flight experience (500+ flight hours preferred)
? Examples: military flight instructor, tactical or fighter experience, aerobatics (competition or airshow), test pilot school graduate with spin testing experience.
? FAA Commercial Single-Engine Land (SEL) Pilot’s License
? FAA Certified Flight Instructor Rating (CFI)
? Work authorization in the United States
? Beneficial qualifications of additional interest to this employment:
? ATP or 2 years of airline or corporate business jet experience
? Tailwheel Endorsement
? General Aviation Flight Experience

Daily Execution Excellence:
? Deliver industry-leading UPRT ground and flight instruction in high-performance aerobatic aircraft like the Extra 300L and Marchetti SIAI S-211. (flight profiles include primarily upset recovery and stall/spin training, with periodic aerobatic rides & instruction, and formation flight instruction)
? Upon advancement, instruct on Level D full motion simulators as needed.
? Stay on schedule and help create an unsurpassed client experience
? Communicate effectively with operations team
? As needed: manage schedule coordination, APS staff pilot training, aircraft maintenance monitoring, and flight program development.

Who you are:
? Passionate about flight instruction
? Invigorated by the opportunity to make a difference in air safety
? Detail oriented and self-motivated with an ownership mentality
? Able to work in a fast-paced environment with evolving requirements
? Teachable, always learning and constantly improving
? Able to thrive in both individual and team environments
? Excited by long-term career and growth opportunities
? Based in the east valley of Phoenix (Arizona), the Arlington (Texas) area, or willing to relocate
? Able to work full time during these hours:
? Arizona: 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, Tues. - Sat. (2 hrs earlier 15 May – 30 Sep seasonally)
? Texas: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Tues. - Sat.

Who you are not:
? Over-confident and unwilling to admit mistakes or learn new techniques
? Unable to handle multiple responsibilities and a fast paced environment
? Overwhelmed by flying multiple flights each day along with completing other job duties
? Unable to arrive on time every day
? Looking for short-term employment

You’ll stand out if you:
? Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
? Have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and computers in general
? Have a safety-focused attitude, friendly demeanor and a can-do work ethic towards all aspects of business and customer relations

Advanced Flight Instructor job at Aviation Performance Solutions
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Advanced Flight Instructor job at Aviation Performance Solutions

Advanced Flight Instructor job at Aviation Performance Solutions

Advanced Flight Instructor job at Aviation Performance Solutions

Advanced Flight Instructor job at Aviation Performance Solutions

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