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Airports and Airport Jobs

Airports and Airport Jobs

For airline and airport employment opportunities, the positions most people think of are pilot, flight attendant, or airport parking attendant. But with the sophistication of today's airplanes coupled with the increased volume of air travel, it now takes a small army of professionals to get any one plane off the ground. The airlines and airports operate as any huge corporation would. They need specialized and non specialized employees to fill a variety of jobs, including everything from labor relations agents to baggage handlers to meteorologists to sales representatives to receptionists.

Airports and Airport Jobs

This is good news to you as a job seeker, because it means there is a wide variety of positions available, both for skilled and non-skilled workers. For this program, we have provided details on several of the "entry-level" jobs available within the industry, as well as some of the positions available down the road or for those with some experience already.

A job with an airport is a good alternative to working with an airline. Although travel opportunities are fewer, airport employment offers much of the same excitement. Employees rub elbows with travelers from all over the world. You might meet someone from the mountains of Tibet one day, then converse with a sophisticate from Paris the next. Airport work can also be a stepping stone to employment with an airline, if that is your ultimate goal. Having the aviation industry experience will give you an edge when applying for airline positions later on. Alternately, if you are interested in air industry employment that will always be close to home, an airport job might be just the ticket. And working with an airport would be a way to test the waters before relocating. Chances are, there is an airport close to where you live.

Over the years demand for different types of travel, ranging from extended vacations to daily flights to work, have increased, and airports, like airlines, have adapted to meet these needs. There are about 15,000 airports in the United States, 421 of which are primary airports. The rest, such as air harbors and heliports, are used for general aviation aircraft. Major airlines service about 650 airports in the United States. Airports with permanent, full-time workers exist in every state, with the highest concentration found in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. More and more, smaller towns and rural areas are building their own airports in order to attract new businesses.

Airports are usually managed by a director or manager who operates within the city government, port jurisdiction, or in some cases, a private company. The type and availability of airport employment depend mainly upon the size of the airport.

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Aviation Jobs - Apply TodayAviation Jobs - Apply Today!

AP Mechanic, Victoria TX
Part 135, A&P Rating, 1-2 years exp and Pilatus PC12 Exp Preferred. Apply Now!

A&P Technician, Troutdale OR
5+yrs General Aviation Exp, A&P License Excellent Benefits! Apply Now!

CJ3 PIC, Willow Run MI
Experience Working with Top Level Exec's ATP, 3000 TT, 1500 PIC, 250 type

Avionics Installer, Livermore, CA
Follow your dream with attitude! Now Hiring! Avionics Installer.

Maintenance Admin Specialist, Reno NV
Support Tactical Air's Air Operations fleet of fighter aircraft! Apply Now!

Air Traffic Services Spec, Warrenton, VA
Advocate for business aviation in the National Airspace System. Apply Now!

Technical Publications Coord, Canada
5+yrs Technical Publications/Technical Writing Background. View Job and Apply

Test Cell Operator, Saudi Arabia
Exp with the engine in a test cell, read blueprints & schematics. Apply Now!

Advanced Air Inc, Council Bluffs IA
Hiring a Flight Instructor with flexible hours. 71hrs in 2 weeks-average 90 hrs!

Captain, Indianapolis IN
Join our Growing Team! CJ3 Type Rating Preferred. 4000TT, 1500PIC, 250Type, ATP

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Airports and Airport Jobs

Airports and Airport Jobs

Airports and Airport Jobs

Airports and Airport Jobs

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