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Always Be Prepared for Aviation Job Interviews

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Always Be Prepared for Aviation Job Interviews

This is the key to becoming a part of the organization, and the first impression you make is some times the ONLY impression you have. Make it work! Practice sample interview questions with our ''Practice Interview.''

Know what is on your own resume

Many times people will put information that is irrelevant and not true on their resumes just to get their foot in the door, or maybe they haven't updated their resume in so long that they forgot what is on it. Well, remember that if it was on you resume the employer has probably read it, and this is their only resource to outline their interview by! Bring a copy of your resume and memorize everything that is on it before you walk into the interview. Nothing could look worse than not being able to answer a question related to something off of your own resume!

Also, if you have your resume with you and you are asked to fill out an application, you have all of the information right there with you to remain consistent and to complete as much of the application as possible. Remember when filling out the application to always print clearly (use a typewriter if possible), neatly, be thorough .

You should always do careful research about the job and the organization, agency, or company with whom you are having the interview. You can request printed materials such as annual reports from the employer in advance or use internet or library resources. Avjobs even provides an Aviation Employer Directory. Knowing about the job or corporation will help you prepare a list of your qualifications so that you can show, point by point, why you are the best candidate. Knowing about the employer will help you prepare an interview strategy and appropriate questions and points to emphasize. Asking pertinent questions to the interviewer will also show that you are very interested and that you have done homework.

Online Interavtive Practice Interview

The Avjobs Applicant System has an Online Interavtive Practice Interview to help polish your interviewing skills. Spending 30 minutes a week practicing your interview skills is critical. The staff at Avjobs along with other industry wide personnel offices agree, the interview can make or break an applicant regardless of experience or training. It has been the experience of Avjobs and its employees that there is a "best" preparatory procedure for interviews.

The Avjobs Online Interavtive Practice Interview section describes this preparatory process and provides tools and tips for you to be at your best. The Online Interavtive Practice Interview includes audio and hundreds of sample questions. So turn up your sound and practice those interview skills.