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Thoughts on Aviation Employment

Thoughts on Aviation Employment

Avjobs Site Statistics Info

Avjobs Site Statistics

Learn about our aviation specific audience through detailed user insights

See where audiences are, including City, State, Country, and Designated Marketing Area (DMA). News, Events, Press Releases - Avjobs was founded in 1988 to address the growing need of aviation organizations of all sizes to acquire, retain, and better serve their employees.

Aviation offers many exciting and rewarding opportunities
These pages provide information that is useful in making career decisions.

Entry level positions with an airline, cover a wide variety of operations and duties. Most of these positions involve extensive customer service contact requiring strong interpersonal and communication skills. No previous experience is required, although you may be required to work evening or early-morning hours, adhere to a strict physical appearance, and lift heavy objects. Entry level positions such as Pilot, or Mechanic require special licenses issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, and/or specific previous work experience. Specific hiring requirements for these positions may also be obtained by viewing the job posting details or contacting the specific airline.

To eliminate any confusion, all positions are regarded as customer service positions. Every second an airline employee spends with a passenger or potential passenger is critical. Most passengers choose their airline based on the quality of service received. Passengers may never see you, but they will remember their telephone conversation, the comfort of their flight, and the way their baggage arrived; safely, timely at the correct destination. They will thank you by flying your airline over and over again.

Finding jobs is important

Of course knowing who is hiring is important, but completing our master profile, creating your professional aviation resume, polishing your interview skills, and marketing yourself to potential employers is critical in today's aviation industry. The Avjobs Applicant System does all the work. You just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Avjobs is "Where Employers and Employees Come to Meet!"

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Avjobs Site Statistics Info

Avjobs Site Statistics Info

Avjobs Site Statistics Info

Avjobs Site Statistics Info

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