Volume 17
April 23, 2018

A Weekly Aviation Career
Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.

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A Weekly Aviation Career Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.

Avjobs Announces New Services

A Weekly Aviation Career Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.


Avjobs - your premier aviation careers resource - announces the upcoming launch of a new, dynamic informational service. AvjobsWeekly is a new careers resource that offers employment-related text news and video-based reports on the aviation industry delivered right to your computer.


Who's hiring? What are the latest industry employment trends?

These are the questions we'll answer via our new dynamic service, which will include video reports profiling specific aviation fields. AvjobsWeekly will give you an in-depth profile of what a particular career entails, what the educational/training requirements are and what companies are actively recruiting within that job category. AvjobsWeekly is your one-stop resource for comprehensive career and employment information.

  • In-depth job profiles Learn all about specific aviation careers with our articles and video reports

  • Relevant job listings Along with each profile, you'll find a list of current job openings specific to the featured aviation career.

  • Easy to access View our weekly reports via email or accessed conveniently from the new Avjobs newsletter.

AvjobsWeekly is available via a variety of methods but we recommend accessing this valuable service via the Avjobs newsletter. After a quick install, this unique desktop feature provides you with up-to-the-minute aviation careers-related information. The newsletter provides users with a wide variety of information including, news, weather and valuable career tips such as preparing a resume or practicing for an interview. Our "Job of the Week" feature on Monday mornings and valuable career content on Thursdays make the newsletter a true around-the-clock resource. Would you like to learn more Click here to watch our informational video.


Avjobs Helps Applicants Land Jobs FASTER!

Investing in your career with Avjobs Professional Aviation Employment Assistance makes a difference!

Investing in your career with Avjobs Professional Aviation Employment Assistance for your Aviation Job Search makes difference!

Recent Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017) reports the average length of unemployment is about 8.3 months.  Our own most recent client survey results showed our clients Get Hired FASTER!  (varies by income level)

Your results may vary and no one can guarantee you a job. But statistics show that our professional assistance for your Aviation Job Search can help YOU get a better job faster. Just see what our applicants have to say!

How much more money would you earn if you started your new position sooner?

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