Volume 29
July 16, 2018

A Weekly Aviation Career
Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.

A Weekly Aviation Career Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.
A Weekly Aviation Career Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.
Flight Simulation: A Career in Virtual Aviation

Flight Simulation: A Career in Virtual Aviation

Where can you fly a variety of aircraft without ever leaving the ground?
At a flight simulation facility of course! These facilities allow pilots to train in highly advanced simulation devices that mimic nearly all aspects of flight to the greatest detail. Real-world instruments and highly accurate visual screens form the visual illusions in these devices. The advancement of simulators and growth of the training market sparks the need for a new cadre of skilled technicians to fix and maintain these complex machines.

Aircraft Simulator Technicians are qualified electrical/electronic technicians/technologists and/or avionics technicians that must meet the high demands of technological changes affecting the aerospace industry worldwide. Technicians are required to repair, modify, test and troubleshoot aircraft simulators. They must also operate the various systems and verify the simulator functions against pre-established specifications. The technician is responsible for repairing and monitoring a variety of simulator specific computer, hydraulic and visual systems. He/she must be able to troubleshoot electronic equipment to the component level. This career requires strong communication and people skills.

As an Aircraft Simulator Technician, your career opens the door to the maintenance and repair of digital and analog circuits, mechanical parts, hydraulic systems and components. You will also assist your team through diagnostic tests and interpret results using the latest in virtual and computer-based simulator technology. As this next-generation aviation professional, you have to be able to operate systems and make sure all simulators perform according to industry specifications.

Where are they employed?
A career as an Aircraft Simulator Technician can lead to exciting opportunities with airline operators, training and simulation facilities as well as aerospace organizations. The environment is state-of-the-art high tech featuring the latest in aviation simulation, visual displays and computer systems.

Many airline operators maintain a 'fleet' of simulators for the training and upgrading of their pilots. The variety of types of simulators to be maintained by the Aircraft Simulator Technicians is dependent on the type of aircraft operated by the airline. Training facilities, such as Flight Safety International, maintain a variety of simulators depending on the market demands.

Take a Virtual Ride
Our AvjobsWeekly video crew recently had the opportunity to pilot a flight simulator. We invite you to come along for this virtual approach and landing into nasty weather conditions at Wellington, New Zealand. This week's video feature is a must-see. Buckle Up!


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