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April 15, 2024

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A Weekly Aviation Career Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.
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A Weekly Aviation Career Newsletter from Avjobs, Inc.
Aviation Salaries, Wages & Pay

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Aviation Career Salary Ranges

We are constantly researching and updating our salary information, so check back with us every so often to get the latest salary, wage, and pay information for "New Hire" employees in the aviation industry.

Overview of Salaried Aviation Positions as of 1/25/2007
Career/Industry Group   Minimum Salary   Average Salary   Maximum Salary
Airport   $17,467.00   $55,224.17   $190,000.00
AP Mechanic   $25,000.00   $54,786.00   $105,000.00
Avionics   $20,000.00   $90,125.00   $160,000.00
Computer   $40,644.00   $68,241.00   $102,972.00
Dispatch   $23,688.00   $32,397.67   $55,000.00
Engineering and Aerospace   $20,000.00   $80,407.14   $200,000.00
Executive   $29,000.00   $99,750.00   $175,000.00
Flight Attendant   $18,000.00   $26,250.00   $43,000.00
Ground-Ramp   $32,000.00   $37,125.00   $40,000.00
Helicopter   $35,000.00   $49,785.71   $72,000.00
Management   $34,000.00   $72,245.64   $150,000.00
Office and Administrative   $30,000.00   $70,658.12   $137,793.76
Other   $20,000.00   $59,497.07   $123,456.00
Pilot   $18,000.00   $52,318.22   $120,000.00
Sales-Marketing   $40,000.00   $95,666.67   $125,000.00

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